Quick question on 24/7 disequilibrium/dizziness

Hi everyone

Just wondered if anyone could answer this question for me. I can understand that when you are having a migraine that you could be dizzy, maybe a bit before, during and a few hours after, that would make sense. What i don’t understand is why does the dizziness/disequilibrium carry on and on even when you don’t seem to be having a migraine.



Two possibilities. One, you’re still having a migraine – migraine can be long lasting, even chronic. Two, a previous migraine attack caused damage to inner ear structures or to the vestibular nucleus itself. Damage to the vestibular nerve is a possibility too, and would take perhaps weeks for the brain to compensate. One theory floating around is that the endolymphatic duct or sac could be damaged by migraine, leading to swelling (hydrops) and continuous dizziness.

But I don’t know if there is any good understanding of this. I would very much like to know as I’ve had this since early March.

Hi Louise,

here’s a thread I asked about a year or so ago, along the same lines:

dizzytimes.com/showthread.ph … t-possible

I was pointed in the direction of ‘transformed migraine’ and ‘status migrainosus’, but that probably doesn’t provide the satisfactory explanation you (or I) were looking for…


Great question…I have my “migraine” activity 24/7 for 2 and 1/2 years…it is quite controlled with meds, but I have to wonder how the heck I got it since I never had a migraine headache in my whole life…so strange…I did get bell’s palsy, which is caused by a virus, and that is next to the nerve that controls dizziness/equalibrium…it went away in 6 weeks, and then I got this MAV madness a few months later…I also got it at the age of 42, which is quite possible that my hormones played into it bringing forth an underlying condition…


Hi Louise,

I share your confusion! Especially as I have had normal headache migraines for pretty much all my life I can remember, and even though I now seem to have MAV, my attacks of vertigo share no obvious connection/pattern at all with my headaches and other auras. I had a few attacks of vertigo that resolved within a few days over the last 5 years, but then about 18 months ago I had a worse attack that left me with the 24/7 problems you describe. However, it has all settled down again once I was on migraine meds.

But I still don’t understand what is going on with me!

Great post! I am looking and searching for the same answer!

I am constantly rocky 24/7.

I’ve noticed that sometime I’ll have a rotational dizzy spell on top of it (This is what I believe the migraine is.) I have not had this in a few months since being on topamax and watching my triggers-sleep and caffeine.

But why am I still rocky?!

I am starting VRT to see if this will straighten everything out? I know it’s a “double-edge” sword with MAV but I feel it’s my last choice.

Kelley what meds are you on? x