Quick question

Does anyone know if decaf coffee is ok for the MAV diet? I think someone here recently said thats what they do.

Hi Hask - I think I replied in another of your threads that I use Nescafe decaf because it’s decaffeinated purely with water, and some decaf’s use chemicals for the decaf process, which I have read can themselves be migraine triggers. Also, the new neurotologist I saw recently said not to drink more than a few cups of decaf per day, because not all of the caffeine can be removed…

Tony, you were the one! Thanks. I dont know why i could not find the brand you said you used. I am going to start this tomorrow. I think you are the one who also said this may help with mu anxiety! Well im ANXIOUS to see!

Hi Hask,
that’s right - if you are used to a lot of caffeine, then you may well find that your anxiety and ‘edginess’ improves. Not sure what country you’re in, but I would have expected Nescafe to be a popular, worldwide brand…? Here’s a link:
tesco.com/groceries/Product/ … F_50469544
Good luck!


The neurotologist who dxed me and told me about the diet–and this web site–warned me that decaf coffee is okay, within moderation, but decaf tea has too much caffeine.

Really? No decaf tea? I drink a lot of decaf green tea because of the healthy properties of green tea. I guess I need to go with strictly herbal tea??? I suppose white is out too? Did you say the other day that white tea would be okay if it was steeped for only 2-3 minutes? I am trying to attacked these HAs from all angles: exercise, diet, sleep, meds, etc


Hi Claudia,
be careful with some of the ‘herbal’ teas - just make sure they don’t have ‘MSG’ (of some form) in them; I switched to some of the ‘flavoured’ teas for a little while (rapsberry, etc), and when I looked at the ingredients, I think it was something like ‘maltodextrin’ that was in all of them, which is a no-no for the migraine diet…

Claudia, no decaf tea is what Dr. Carey advised.

We do have other members who manage fine with tea, coffee, whatever.

I’m fine with white tea steeped no more than ONE minute in hot but not boiling water.

Mostly I drink herbal teas. When I’ve the time, I mix up a fine brew with rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass–assorted muck. Otherwise, shoot, there’s always plain ol’ mint.

Decaf tea has too much caffeine. I find that kind of funny. Sad (because I love the taste of tea), but funny.

I just checked my box of Lipton Decaffeinated Tea, and sure enough, it says it contains “less than 5 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz serving.” Who drinks only 8 oz of tea? Ladies who take tea in the afternoon in dainty cups? I always make a lot of tea with a couple of bags in it. So then I’d be pushing the 10 oz mark of caffeine. Hardly sounds like I’m decaffeinating myself, does it?

Thank you, David, for making me check the label! :lol:

I would never have known that. I need to read labels more carefully!