Quitting amitryptiline?

Has anyone had good results with Elavil (amitryptiline) and had tried quitting it? My neurologist prescribed me Elavil 10 mg in August and i have been taking it since. He suggested i try quitting it after a couple of months as it seems sometimes migraines do not come back after. Just wondering if some of you have tried that and how it went? My quality of life has improved so much since i started taking it and i am afraid of the vertigo, dizziness and headaches coming back, and of the withdrawal symptoms.

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Honestly if I were you I would stay on it!!! It’s not worth the risk of the symptoms coming back- because it seems like the pretty much always do after stopping a med. It sounds like you are doing so well on it now do you get any side effects?

I am very tired when i get out of bed (after 30 minutes i am fine but it’s really hard when i wake up… i feel as tired as if i had the flu) and i also noticed i have no patience and feel a bit more aggressive. But i prefer that to having vertigo, of course!

I am not a dr. but i honestly dont understand why drs. ask their patients to come off meds when they are feeling better. The logic is that patients are feeling better BECAUSE they are on medication…so if you take the medication away, the symptoms are likely to return…I just don’t understand the logic there at all. and if you get off it and try to go back on, it may not work again (or work as well) as many on here (including myself) have experienced.

MY neurologist said that after a while, the meds can have the effect of a “reset” and the symptoms dont come back as they used to.

Really? the meds have note had the same effets after you stopped and restarted them? What med was it?

Who else has had the same experience?

That worries me a bit… !

When your dr. said that the symptoms won’t “come back as they used to”- does that mean they can come back but not as strong? Or does that mean they don’t come back at all? By a reset, does he mean MAV basically can end and we can go back to being normal again permanently? Did he say how many cases he has had where this happens? I would ask him how many of those successes he has had personally.

I tried nortriptyline and lyrica initially- i got some benefit from both but had to stop them bc of side effects. I tried them about a yr later and they both helped some but not nearly like they did the first time. There are tons of stories of ppl on here who were on a successful med, went off it to “be in remission”, the symptoms of course came back at some point, they tried the same med again, and it did nothing for them. I would ask your dr. how often this scenario happens also.

ok thanks for your input! I will see my doctor again in May.