Ramipril, an ACEI as migraine preventative

Having read and re-read the original Grampian NHS Patient Information Leaflet I found a while back where it listed Lisinopril (another ACEi) as being safe and having some evidence for prevention. I was somewhat surprised mention had disappeared from their more recent publication. Researching farther on line I found the following which I’d not come across before. Ramipril is widely used to treat blood pressure, can be taken long-term, and is reputed to be relatively kind, it’s main side effect being the infamous ‘Ramipril cough’. I know several wives regularly kept awake by it who complain of their Ramipril taking husbands coughing. If it can prove successful for migraine prevention one wonders it’s not more widely prescribed. The only reference I could find to it on here was contained within a list of a ‘100 different meds - don’t give up’ possibles. Nobody on here has written of trying Ramipril. I do wonder whether the fact blood tests for kidney function are listed as necessary with both ACEI’s and ARB’s (Candestartan) means the NHS would prefer to avoid them. Possibly combined with the fact they haven’t proved as successful in prevention (or even been investigated to see if they might be) as Ami, Nori or Propranolol which means their use has been dropped by this particular health authority. From this paper it seems Ramipril might be of use to some. Helen

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