Random spins

Hi All

I’ve had many improved days but it’s still up & down. Yesterday I felt like 90%, and always better with exercise. Today however if woke up ok, but have had 2 3 sec headpin episodes. The same sensation that brought a return of my symptoms. I now have a headache and feel pretty rough and dizzy. Can’t pin any foods. Does anyone else randomly get this sensation?

Yes, Luke. I do. Without warning and lasting, as you say, just seconds. Over before you know it. No pattern to them and no idea what causes them.


Hey Luke,

Do you exercise frequently? Could that be a trigger? Often I get hammered with migraine stuff the day after exercising.

I’ve had a massive headache now since Tuesday and woke today with more pain. Neck is killing me. Wondering now if this is some viral bug I have which is behind this pain. Also, the weather has been bad here all week in Sydney so maybe atmospheric pressure? I’ve never noticed pressure being a problem though. Man, I don’t know. Never ends does it?


Hi Luke,

I get these few second spins. They are real vertigo, quite severe, but short, then gone.

Scott, sonds like you are in a migraine syndrome (I think they call it). Hard to get out of, I had one of those a while back, 11 days of constant real bad migraine, then it lifted. You probably need to rest and no exercise. If I do too much physically I get bad, last week after doing too much over several days, I woke with a bad vertigo attack which put me on the bed all day, I have being trying to pace myself a bit since, something I am not too good at.


Interesting to hear others get this odd sensation. For me it’s like I’m almost about to spin. I get it maybe once a month, so not frequently. Can’t put it down to any trigger. I always seem to feel much clearer headed after exercise so no clue there.

Scott hope the headaches pass. They will - always do!

Hi Luke…yes… every now and then i will wake up from sleep with a half-spin and that can mess me up for a few days. I use to have Vertigo episodes more often but with time they have become much less. Seems like this happens mostly while in bed.