Re- test caloric with computer measurements abnormal

Hi all.

I had another test today with the computer system measuring my eye responses to the caloric test, which seemed much more accurate than the first one I had whereby a doctor just looked a my eyes and counted for 30 seconds…

Anyway… Today’s test was the first abnormal result I’ve had since the start of this.

This is the strange thing: I was abnormally unresponsive to the cold water test in both ears but responded normally to the hot water tests.

The physician said that it was strange because although the result was abnormal quite dramatically, it was symmetrical.

Meaning that it’s open it an issue with the ear but most likely central causing an issue in both ears.

I’m actually happy to have an abnormal result and will get some more analysis from the doc on Monday.


I’m so new to this and don’t really know what I’m talking about, but wanted to share my experience with caloric testing. I had VNG/ENG done at Duke Univ. High-tech…googles the whole 9 yards. During the caloric testing they did warm/hot water first. Although it induced vertigo, the tech said I had no irregular movement with my eyes and therefore didn’t have to do cold water.
Yeah, not much help, huh? :slight_smile: Anyway bravo for getting through the test, it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world.
Hope you find some answers,

Hi, what percentage were you off in the test? S

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Hi, what percentage were you off in the test? S

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Hi Scott

I just know that the vertigo was not induced with the cold water in both ears, less so than a normally healthy person would actually show… Will get full results on Monday and share exact results with you then