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Rebound headache?

So for the past 2 weeks the actual headaches have been out of control & whenever they happen the vestibular symptoms get worse, I get more dizzy, the pressure in my head and ears gets unbearable and the depersonalization starts happening, as soon as I take an imitrex the headache stops and the pressure goes away almost completely with the depersonalization and the dizziness go back to the normal not so crazy way but then the next day the cycle repeats itself.

It wasn’t until last night that I found out that Triptans can cause rebound headaches, I only knew about this happening with NSAIDs and now I’m here wondering if this bad daily headaches are just a bad flare up or rebound ones.

It’s not even noon for me and the headaches it’s bad already, the pressure is killer and I had to hold from the walls to go to the bathroom 5 minutes ago, I’m home alone with my 5 year old and I’m so close to taking another imitrex but I don’t want to make things worse if it’s indeed a rebound headache

It’s so horrible when that happens. Are you on any preventative meds?

About six years back I had chronic almost daily migraine (headache) and started having to take a lot of sumitriptan and sometimes ibuprofen and aspirin on top (advised by GP). When I saw a headache specialist they said that if you need to take six to eight triptans a month then you need a preventative.

When I was using Sumitriptan a lot I did wonder if I was perpetuating the cycle. The specialist claimed the evidence was mixed on tem causing rebound but that the headaches weren’t kept under control.