Recipe/ food section

Hey all,

I’m always trying to think how mvertigo can be made better for everyone and wondered if it would be useful to have a recipe/cooking section on here? Most of us have food restrictions and I think it would be helpful to have input from others who have some good recipes to share that won’t make a person’s head explode with pain and dizziness. I have a few I can think of already and I bet there’s tons you guys have too.

Let me know and I’ll open up a forum for it.

Scott 8)

excellent idea - I vote for it!


I think that’s a great idea. As well as recipes I’d be interested to hear anyone’s tips for avoiding food triggers such as possible substitutes to replace them. I’m trying to avoid common triggers like chocolate to see if that helps but I find it very difficult to avoid them all the time particularly as some of them are my favourite food. I’d also like to cook more meals from fresh ingredients but never seem to have enough time so any time-saving cooking tips would also help.


Mmm, slightly off the cooking topic, but I have just discovered white chocolate terry’s chocolate orange - yum!

Awesome idea!! (my food rant is in the Triggers topic). I also would like to eat as fresh as possible, but don’t have enough time, plus I’m just running out of ideas to make meals more interesting for myself and my poor husband who has been on this illness roller coaster ride with me for 3 1/2 years now.

I would love to have this. Right now i’m new to all this and trying to figure out my food triggers and haven’t yet. Dr. said sometimes it’s hard to do when you are in a bad spell.

I would like to know of salad dressings and stuff like that if any. I’m tired of eating salads with no dressing :slight_smile:

i eat fairly healthy except for the tortilla chips :slight_smile: but i get sick of my cooking!!!


— Begin quote from "dizziblonde"

Mmm, slightly off the cooking topic, but I have just discovered white chocolate terry’s chocolate orange - yum!

— End quote

Grrrr…sounds delish (tho not as much as real choc-orange)–but I’m avoiding citrus, too.

I’m always up for creative ideas for “legal” foods.
Only complicating factor is that our diets differ to some extent. You offer a recipe with nuts, which I’m avoiding till I can run careful experiments, and I offer one with tomato, which you treat like a deadly nightshade. . . .

OK everyone, I’ve added the new “Ministry of food” up in the top section for you guys to add all sorts of food ideas. There’s much we can eat and I’m hoping that with everyone contributing, we’ll learn lots of new ideas for cooking up a (non-migraine) storm!

Let me know if you want to upload any photos into your posts.

S 8)

so glad you created this section Scott.

Man i need some new recipes i’m trying to behave but it’s hard. I’m soooooo sick of turkey burgers and salads with no dressings.

I miss cheese!!!