ANyone want to exchange recipes?

Candy :smiley:

Modified pesto…
The easiest modification I know and one that I use ALL the time…
Fresh pressed garlic
Basil from my garden
de-shelled pumpkin seeds (instead of pine nuts)
extra virgin olive oil
put it in the blender and pour over cooked pasta. I usually top mine with some grilled chicken and make enough to have left overs!

I also make my own chicken stock and freeze it… if you are interested in that recipe let me know :smiley:

Pizza dough
Tomato sauce

Bake in oven, eat everything, and wake up in the morning so dizzy you’ll be guaranteed to fall over at the urinal.

Why so cranky Scott - backed up with some toxins? Time for a Frankenstein massage!

I’m going out right now for some Frankenstein acupuncture massage diner dinner. :lol:

Sasad, do you use pumpkin seeds because you believe them to be lower in tyramine than pine nuts or simply because you find them handy?


This is a modified version of the vegetarian recipe for French Cold Beet Soop (or perhaps Soup, if we defy Mark Twain and hold to prescribed spellings) found in Joan Nathan’s Quiches, Kugels and Couscous. I departed from the migraine diet only in my choice of vinegars, though perhaps not as radically as I would have if I followed Nathan’s ingredient list.

I halved the Nathan recipe, boiling ~1/2 pound of red beets (the measure including a wee bit of beet greens) and one clove of peeled garlic with about half a tablespoon of sugar till the beets were tender. I skinned–whoops, peeled–the beets and started them chilling. Then I figured out where our shallots were hiding. I peeled all the shallots we had, little more than 1/4 pound, and nuked them for a minute with a few tablespoons of the stock.

I also chilled the stock. Next, I threw all this into a blender, two loads, with 3/2 tablespoon of white wine vinegar–Nathan uses balsamic. I pulsed the blender for a coarse chop. Then I removed the borscht for tasting. Next, I added maybe 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Tasted. Added probably 1/8 cup white wine vinegar, 1/8 cup cider vinegar, enough that the borscht was a bit tart. Chilled it some more. Done.

I might add chopped scallions to my dish when serving, might add hard-cooed egg for those who enjoy it and are not bothered by it. When I ate it last night I added lowfat cottage cheese to give it some protein. I ralie some have problems with dairy. Nathan suggests the traditional sour cream.

Pine nuts are not a nut but a seed and so should be ok :slight_smile:

Dee, I love pinolas, but they set me off. Many docs warn against nuts and seeds both.