Recomend a Doc in SW US?

Hi All,

Does any one know of a good doctor in the South Western Area of the US? I live in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Here’s my story:

I was diagnosed with MAV 12 years ago by Dr. Terry Fife in Phoenix, AZ after 7 months of vertigo. He gave me a Calan\Verapamil and I took it for 4 months until I became pregnant, then I stopped taking it. I was vertigo free except when I was very sleepy until June on this year. In June 2012 the all day bad vertigo came back. My general doctor gave me Verapamil and all was fine. Now the Vertigo is back and not responding to Verapamil . I’ve tried Maxalt, Effexor, Topomax and Ativan and I’m still spinning pretty bad. I’m currently on topamax and Effexor and the topamax is making me really stupid. I can’t get into see Dr. Fife until March. The vertigo is severe right now. I can’t drive, work or care for my family. Please help!


Are you still in Los Alamos? My wife and I live in Los Alamos and we have to travel to Barrow in Phoenix, as well. Kamala Saha is there now and is excellent as, of course, is Terry Fife. We haven’t found any help from and Doc of any specialty in NM. If you are still in Los Alamos my wife and I would love to share experiences as I am barely working, cannot drive, wheelchair bound, etc.

Barrow made my initial diagnosis, too.

DR.Baloh is a MAV legend. He practises close to LA I think.

@GetBetter I should have been more clear. LA for us is Los Alamos, NM US not Los Angeles, CA US. My apologies for the confusing shorthand. I will edit my post.

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