Recommendation for UK patients

Just wanted to leave a recommendation for UK patients who might be struggling to get diagnosed or treated.

I see Dr Adam Zermansky at Salford royal. He’s a headache specialist who specifies in migraine, headaches, botox treatments and eye conditions. He is such a friendly, down to earth man. I don’t feel like i’m speaking to a doctor, i feel like i’m speaking to a friend, and i’ve only met him onxe so far, yet i was really struck by how nice he was, unlike any of the other doctors i’ve seen. No arrogance, no dismissive attitude, no “professional” detachment like my gp has (it feels like speaking to an accountant or lawyer with her).

He’s very knowledgeable about vestibular migraine and how to treat it, thorough, and compassionate. If you live in Greater Manchester you can see him on the nhs but he’s also registered as a private consultant with bupa.

I definitely recommend.