Recommended Neurologist for UK


Can anyone remind me who the best neurologist in the UK is for MAV? Have had a quick scout around as seen it somewhere bit got appt with Doc in next wk or so and want to go prepared if she suggests a referral.


I see Doctor Sruenthiran who works in Kent, Black Heath and Central London although I don’t know where.
He is a MAV guru and an extremely kind and understanding doctor.
Good luck with getting better,

Thanks Penny. I’ve booked in to see him at the end of this month.


See this thread from the Information Vault which covers all threads dealing with doctors and specialists:

Scott 8)

Either Dr S (mentioned above) or Dr Rodey Walker based at the London Independent or St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping, Essex.

There are two good ones at the Wesley Private (Auchenflower)- Dr Noel Saines - 3371 5188 and Prof Peter Silburn - 3839 3688.

I am sure there would be some at the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane but I only know of drs at the Wesley.

Are you going private or public?