Red wine added to pie

I have been under quite a bit of stress this last week. Mum was in hospital, out now, doing OK but I had a lot of phone calls, plus travelling to and from hospital.

I have been quite bad the last few days with dizziness, feeling sick, stomach ache and today, nearly vertigo, although, not much pain in the head. I naturally blamed the stress.

Then I realized I had the exact same pie the night this started and today, when I started to feel horribly sick 3 hours after eating it. Most of the ingredients werent that bad, the only thing I could see that may have caused the problem was 2% red wine and 2% port. Would this be enough to cause these nasty symptoms? Ended with me on the bed all day, too dizzy to walk. Has anyone else had a problem with such a small amount of red wine or port in food?


Can’t help you, Christine, but while it’s a shame if you have to drop another food you enjoy, it will be nice in its way if you can positively nail the source of your recent misery. I’ve avoided all alc bevs since dx, and anything containing them. Last night, for the first time in the better part of a year, had 1/3 C white wine after dinner, no prob. Most likely will repeat for a week, to make sure it’s ok for my system. But red wine certainly is supposed to be more of a prob.


Hey Christine,

While I don’t react quite like that to a small amount of booze in a food, other ingredients definietely can ruin my day. Two weekends back I had a steak sandwich that I purposely chose because it looked safe. But there must have been some sort of seasoning on the meat because the day after I was trashed. There was nothing else in that meal that could have done that as I’ve eaten those things (hot chips, plain salad, plain roll) over and over again with no ill effect.

David – should that be BPPV in your sig? Crazy history you’ve had with this!

Hey Christine,
I have noticed during my vulnerable time(monthlies).
having had this silent migraine for a long…it time has adjusted in some way, so that if I get the smallest bit stress/emotion, it triggers, it can trigger all on it’s own, but it will trigger during anything that causes emotions, even sex.
What tha?
we nearly had a head on car smash yesterday and I started migraining prior to going to the movies.
Allthough I’m doing better, I still have my bad day’s.
What do you say to your hubby, when a good bonk can put you out for 4 hours? :frowning: , I think he thinks I’m pulling out the ole headache in the head trick…

oops , forgot to say , yes , one sip of my fav red kicks my butt.
Eldertons Barossa Shiraz :frowning:

Thanks all. I have been getting the jolts going to sleep and also waking early morning and every time I go to nod off, jumping out of my skin, I reckon the stress is playing a big part. I have just taken some propanalol I had in the cupboard to see if I can stop the shakes this morning, think I must be pushing out way too much adrenaline and the pie wasnt right so a trigger in all this mess.

Havent drunk for years, two years ago I had one paper cup of white wine at a “do” at xmas and got full blown vertigo, wont be doing that again in a hurry!

Scott, you wonder what they can manage to put in a steak sandwhich! We have to be so careful :roll:

Jen, sex, probably pushing out the adrenaline again, try not to get so excited :wink:

So we cant drink, have sex, swim, dubious about holidays, eat, shop, watch an exciting film! Not much left really!


sorry your haing probs with family stuff .


Hey I’ve had something similar for 7 years. I don’t get pain, but any strong emotion or adrenaline ( beginning of workouts) induces a ringing and fullness in ear and vertigo. that usually subsides in 10 minutes or less. If it’s a bad one, I nearly vomit and the room spins. I’m 37, but I thought it was stroke symptoms, I got my heart and brain checked out and blood pressure is usually good. Doctors are stumped but my doctor thinks it could be Ménières or Vestibular Migraine. When I’ve recently had about a liter of water or more, I don’t get these symptoms. Uncertainty and Not knowing if this is dangerous or not, is causing a lot of anxiety and depression.