Referral for MAV Specialist in Los Angeles area?

I am a middle-aged woman who has suffered from debilitating migraine and daily chronic headaches for the past 9 years. Along with head pain, I have severe attacks of vertigo that often precede the migraine. Most neurologists I’ve seen do not understand the disorder of vertigo as a component of migraine, and are unaware of how to treat it. Antivert and scopalomine patches don’t help at all. I’m currently on 25mg of Elavil, 50mg of Toprol (used for migraine prevention, not blood pressure, in my case), and a small amount of Namenda for migraine prevention. I can’t tolerate higher doses of these individual drugs, and they’re not preventing my attacks anymore. Does anyone have similar symptoms as mine, and can refer me to a doctor in the Los Angeles area that can be of help to me? Thanks very much.

Hi there,

Check out Robert Baloh:

Best … Scott

Supposedly Dr. Baloh at UCLA is very good and knowledgeable.
I live in Las Vegas but would consider seeing him. From what ive
read, his first line of treatment is Celexa. I personally have tried
amitriptyline (Elavil) and it helped my daily headaches, but increased
dizziness. It was fairly easy getting both on and off of it.
Good luck to you!!