Relapse due to excessive alcohol

I’ve done it again.

I got absolutely disgustingly slaughtered Saturday night- mojitos, sambuca, a bottle of wine, whiskey, god knows what else… It was a joint hen do/stag do kareokee… I needed all that to be able to sing Spice Girl’s Wannabee… but I digress…

I was SO ill Sunday- couldn’t get out of bed. Puked my guts up even at 6pm Sunday.

Mixing alcohol with Topamax, Nortriptyline and Propranolol plus a MAV head is NOT good.

I’m now in the throws of hell of course. The full works- dizziness off the scale, terrible aches and pains- may neck feels like it’s gonna snap, every symptom going.

And I was doing so well. Why can’t I learn?

This happened to me in early January after a wedding. And stuck around, probably really, if I’m honest til now when the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve actualyl started to feel a bit better.

I had a little bit of a fall off the wagon about a month or so ago on a Sunday knees up in a belgian beer place, but that fall out only lasted about 2 weeks.

Drinking to excess has always been me though. It’s so hard NOT to do it and go out. It’s just not me.

How do people do it?! I now sound like I have an alcohol issue. Maybe I do.


Poor you :frowning: I have been thinking the same. I haven’t been out for ages owing to this delightful problem but I think it would be very difficult not to have a few glasses of wine with the girls when I actually feel up to going out.

I know the most sensible advice is to do without. I know, difficult! I know I will find it difficult not to have a glass or two! So all in all I am no use here :wink: Maybe you could stick to one type of drink, it may not affect you as much. Is there any type of alcoholic drink that may be easier on the MAV brain?!

Kathy x x

Kath, straight alky is supposed to do less harm to migraneurs for the same amount of alcohol compared to ouiskee or beer or red wine–by straight alky I mean vodka, I guess akvavit, maybe other cultures’ equivalents. I find white wine safer than red.

We were invited to a seder Monday night. I drank some great grape juice, my sweetie had red wine. Afterwards, I told her how unusual the juice was, and she told me that the wine had been vinegar. No loss that time.

But the technicalities aside, if you’re just not you if you don’t get blasted, you’ll probably continue to suffer.

Is this a drinking problem? For me it would be; for another the hangover, remorse, even weeks of feeling shitty may all roll together into “Hey, I’m party people.”

My saying this doesn’t mean I’m indifferent to your hurting. Or that I have great answers. I spent less than two years as an alcoholism counselor, long ago, and I sure didn’t have anything my clients wanted.

I guess when I look at things I look at my choices and their consequences. The negative reinforcement of feeling so shitty is absolutely enough to keep me from eating chocolate, drinking alcohol and drinking coffee. (as well as many other things I’ve cut out, but those are the biggies) The coffee thing is even easier to ditch when it sets off a PSVT attack of 250+ beats per minute of my heart racing.

Perhaps you still don’t want to believe that you have MAV? Perhaps you are wondering if you can still have fun if you don’t drink? (you can by the way…I’ve done it for 25 years and am still crazy at parties and the like). Maybe you are trying to escape the misery that is dizziness or something else in your life? My thoughts are if a person cannot say “no” to something perhaps they truly have a problem with it…especially considering the awful consequences associated with it. But… I don’t know you and would never presume or say you have an issue with ETOH. My biggest concern would be mixing it with medications as that can be a real immediate danger.

Hope you feel better. Maybe it was just what you needed to get you to hold back on the alcohol, or at least to keep it in very small amounts. Guess you can’t find out unless you go without and see what happens :smiley: