Hello all,

I was wondering how long does a relapse last?

I’ve had increases in symptoms before on new meds or upping meds or overdoing things lasting a few days or a week but as i got better sleep and dialling back my activity/food triggers rained it in.

This time feels like the big bang I had when this all started with all symptoms coming back at once i.e dizzness and lack of balance.

With VRT & meds my balance was great and dizzness almost gone the last year.

So far this relapse has lasted 3 weeks. How long can a relapse last before its no longer a relapse can anyone whos been there advise?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As long a piece of string I’m afraid. My mini-relapses between less bad (but not fully clear) phases tended to be two or three weeks but there is a lady on this board who completely recovered and it came back after a long break and has lasted months since.

It’s known to come back after pregnancy. Some blame this on hormones but I suspect physical trauma from all that exertion is a more likely reason.

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Out of the frying pan into the fire :weary:

Just be patient … you’ll come out of it … one always does :slight_smile:

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Thanks :smile: i hope so. Keeping calm is the hardest part isn’t it.

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Hi Dazed

This is an old post but for anybody else wondering…my relapses have lasted weeks/months at a time and this seems to be how my migraine likes to bring about another one. Slowly going into it with increasing symptoms and then bang back housebound for a while. Even on meds I relapse I think we all do? But like James said, keep calm take your rescue meds and you will come through it at some point. If you’re well enough to distract yourself do that and rest as much as possible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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is it considered a relapse if you’ve only recovered for 2-3 weeks?

Recovered is a strong word. If you went back to being completely normal and symptomless that can only be a good sign.

I was imbalanced for over 3 years with many relapses to much worse symptoms during that period, so recovery from relapses is relative! That is why on here you will see talk of “baseline” which doesn’t mean zero symptoms. Unfortunately once this is chronic, zero symptoms is not a state you get back to, at least not for a long time. I’m mostly recovered now, especially from a vestibular perspective, but tinnitus persists.

But yes, if you recovered for ~3 weeks then symptoms came back, sure that’s been a relapse.