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Relapsing (I think)

Hey there,

I’ve been suffering from cervicogenic dizziness since october 2020.
I haven’t been able to recover because I had really bad luck with physiotherapists, the ones I first went to hurt my neck even more.

Finally this July I found a really nice physio and since then I’ve been quickly recovering!

Because this past year has been so hard I developed depression and disociation because of my anxiety worsening.

Thats why last month I started taking sertraline, but I ended up giving on it because it made my dizziness worse, it gave me heart palpitations and also brain zaps. Since I stopped taking it everything gradually got better again!

My neck treatment was going really good so I started having normal days (almost 0 dizziness and able to stand up for hours) for the first time in a whole year. Before going to this physio I had a 24/7 rocking sensation which has improved greatly and I couldnt stand up for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

Problem is after a whole month of not taking sertraline the brain zaps have started again. I’ve been googling at they are supposedly linked to sertraline… Last time they just went by themselved and I’m hoping this time they will too… I’m really scared because this past month has been really really good and I felt like finally was going to have a normal life, I started hanging out with my friends again and I was finally able to start going to school again… I just hope it’s a temporary relapse…

I’d doubt it’s a relapse. Sounds like drug withdrawal from the Sertraline maybe in which case it will stop in due course. Keep calm and carry on.

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