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Relapsing support needed

Hi again friends,

I’m on these boards after 6 years of managing relatively well on effexor. It seems the effexor has officially pooped out on me in terms of managing VM. My neurologist added propranolol but it is early days and so far no relief. I can’t imagine going back to 24/7 life like this after how long it took me to get some Semblance of it back for the time effexor helped me. And I am blaming myself for getting the covid vaccine as the potential thing that set it back off. I need to hear from folks who’ve had such a backslide and made it out the other side again. I’m trying to stay positive knowing I did it before but it’s been months now. I really appreciate any words.

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Sorry to hear you are relapsing. I’ve moved your topic to #im-new-let-me-introduce-myself because you haven’t yet written one?

At least two people on here have reported the vaccine caused them to relapse so …

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Not sure how near I ‘qualify’ as I wasn’t stable for six years or anything as near exciting as that but my second (AZ) vaccine brought on a full on 11 days-in-bad vestibular attack of which I’ve only had a couple since starting Propranolol 5.5 years before. Propranolol will work. Got fantastic record for it but for some but not all it can take a long time, many months. In above mentioned case 11 days in bed was followed by about three weeks of vestibular stuff including ‘rocking’ 24/7 but it then settled and I went back to baseline.

I wouldn’t blame yourself for getting the jab. Good on you for going for it. Blame the condition for making us so hypersensitive. I’m currently occupied with the vestibular side effects of a recent dose of the old and familiar Flu Jab. We MAVers can’t win. Periodically something (illness, vaccination, trip to dentist, bereavement to name but a few recently) will just cause a breakthrough. The meds are only keeping it under the surface, with luck. It hasn’t gone away.


Hi Adrir,
So sorry to see you back under these circumstances!
How many months have you been feeling badly? And how long have you been on the propanol? Are your symptoms the same as before or milder this time? The potential neurological affects of the vaccines are so concerning to say the least… I am so sorry you’re suffering.