Remission of tinnitus

Guys, very weird, but welcome, this last week my tinnitus has all but disappeared for hours at a time, after having been virtually persistent with no let up for 11 months. I’m kind of used to it now and for it to quieten down like this is a rather odd feeling :slight_smile: and sort of suggests something more complex is going on than a simple hearing loss connection.

Has anyone with persistent tinnitus experienced significant remission?

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Hey, no I haven’t. Any idea why this could’ve happened? Have you done anything differently at all?

I restarted my running regime. That’s it. Odd I know. When I say ‘remission’ I mean that it has started to disappear for periods of the day. It has thus far always come back.

It sounds like better circulation to the inner could be a reason why you’re tinnitus goes away then when inactive reverts back to itself.

Hey guys, just wanted to update - decrease in tinnitus is definitely happening … it can be almost as loud and grotesque as it used to be but I have periods now where it goes all sultry. :smiley: Took a lot longer than I expected. Thing is to chill out about the tinnitus and don’t perceive it as a threat and find really interesting things to do to take your mind off it. As a software engineer I’ve found getting back into my interesting work a HUGE help!

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Great news, so pleased for you…lets hope it goes away completley.

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Great news! I’m so used to my tinnitus (had it my entire life) that I don’t know if I could handle the silence. :slight_smile:

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Haha. Yeah silence is boring :slight_smile:

I wanted to update everyone on this because it’s a REALLY upsetting affliction.

I CONTINUE to see general improvements to tinnitus. I get the feeling the hyperacusis is calming too.

I talked about this to my neurologist. I told her how uncomfortable I was playing my acoustic grand piano these days (yeah, I know, spoilt brat that I am). I asked her about using ear plugs. She emphatically said ‘NO!’ Basically you have to challenge the system so it calms down. The gain in your ear is centrally controlled so playing what you now perceive as slightly loud music is probably a good thing so as to train your ear and brain to turn down the gain again.

I’m going to follow her advice and report back!

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hi james only just seen this update so the neuro is saying to challenge the vestibular system? is that right?

She would agree with you on that no doubt but in this instance she was specifically talking about the hearing aspect and hyperacusis.

i think a good nightclub is in order for me then :joy:

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Early on when I got this I went to a Salsa club and had no issues … not so sure anymore … but one shouldn’t AVOID, that’s bad … the more you avoid the more screwed up inside you get …

someone once told me that five years ago “to avoid nothing” and from then on I did whatever I wanted,i don’t feel any symptoms at all after a few wines its great!

yeah i was out last night and had 3 small beers and a glass of wine. I had a mild traditional hangover, but after 2 small beers my symptoms were unnoticeable and I had a lovely social evening.

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