Renovating house. Cant be in there

We are renovating an old rundown house. New paint, refinished floors, new kitchen. Unfortunately i cant be in there for 2 minutes without feeling absolutely lousy. Im afraid i will never be able to live there. Will i adjust over time? I fear if i cant do it my marriage will be over after all the work my husband has put into this house, and dealing with me and this condition for 8 years.

There are probably a lot of fumes in your renovated house right now. Paint fumes can be toxic and so can the fumes from the refinished floors. The new kitchen probably emits fumes as well. I can’t stand the fumes either, or the noise that happens during renovation.

In my experience, the fumes last for a few weeks. If you can afford it, you could buy an air purifier. I bought one when we had massive bushfires here a few years ago and it cleans the air nicely.

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Mold can make you have chemical sensitivity to other VOCs and mast cell problems, migraines (vestibular episodal and dizziness all the time) fatigue, more gut issues too. Old houses are ok only if they do not harbor mold, but depending on where you are this may be very difficult to find. I do not know your problems but i am wary of any house I even walk into now. My mom had mold in her house and I get symptoms within hours of her visting, sometime it waits till that night. In that house my musles spasm making my have cervical vertigo, my eye muscle spasms too and i get thay general dizziness while there, even if i sit outside the house it still happens.

Now i am getting better i do my own house fixings and use low or no VOC everything and get my family out of the house on each project if it smells still. I heard of Clare paint and may use it in nwxt year. Its supposed to be no VOCs.

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