Request best ENT in Sydney or Melbourne

I live interstate and specialists are few and far between, and not neccessarily the best. Speaking with my doctor, the best way ahead is likely do a referral to a good ENT Specialist familiar with both MAV and Menieres to conduct a series of tests, review my history and provide their opinion - can people advise who is the best ENT who is across MAV and Meniers in Sydney or Melbourne (Melbourne is closer)?


Hi there,

I see a Neurologist, Dr Neil Shuey at Melbourne Ear & Eye hospital. I find him very patient, knowledgeable and understanding and believe he is highly regarded. If you look around this site there are other posts with recommendations of different specialists too.

Good luck.


In Sydney I would recommend Ron Granot at Bondi Junction. In Melbourne probably Waterston.


I’d second Waterston in Melbourne - expensive but very good

John Waterston is my choice too.