Research Hospitals

I’ve read a lot of posts and searched for research hospitals, but only found this topic buried or scattered about. That said, if moderators feel this belongs elsewhere or I missed where it already exists, please forgive me and move it.

So many of us struggle with our various countries’ health care systems, government health/drug authorities and insurance companies.

I’m wondering how many have tried the path of research hospitals. I’m sure it is different in various countries, but I have found that I can get access to more medications and treatments going this route. They also have ongoing clinical studies.

Here is the way my current research hospital works:

The specialist (board certified) also teaches, does research, and sees patients. Many times my office visit or procedure is also a teaching opportunity. A medical student (or several) will see me first, leave the room and discuss my case with the specialist. Then everyone returns to the room to discuss options, medications, etc…

My research hospital also has “relationships” with specialty pharmacies that dispense the newer meds (like CGRPs) for free while someone works with my insurance company through the multiple stages of denials and appeals until my insurance company finally covers the med. I don’t know how they do it, but it gets done. They do the same insurance back and forth when I need to have a procedure.

I hope someone may find this information helpful.

It is sad to read about people suffering and waiting 6-9 months for a consultation with a specialist.

For the headache/migraine clinic portion of the neurology department, I was advised by one of the administrative staff to NOT chose a specific neurologist but instead select a NP (nurse practioner). By selecting a NP, any neurologist or NP can see you, but if you select a particular neurologist, you have to see him/her and you get that 6-9 month wait.


Good advice . Thanks for bringing it to the table. Quite often negotiating the medical system can be almost as bad as having the condition in the first place and it’s only in hindsight we actually know which are the pertinent questions to ask. Agreed system vary country to country indeed even within countries sometimes too. I’m sure getting a referral to a Research Hospital can be helpful. I know @nin initially only got to try the new CGRP drugs because her neurologist managed to get her on a trial. They aren’t readily available in the U.K. either.