Restroom rocking

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I find that sitting on the toilet bowel i feel a lot of rocking, swaying and i usually hold onto something. It can be quite unsettling as that is the last place you want to faint. I find that sitting in my cubical i am relatively fine but in a restroom on the toilet bowl it is a different beast and i always have some panic and anxiety set in because of the symptoms. Anyone else experience this. I know some folks would not find this topic a comfortable thing to discuss. I was wondering if anyone does any VRT which helps in the toilet situation. I used to be alright in the restroom and this is a new found symptom. This thing certainly morphs.

Yes! I know the exact feeling. I think it has to do with the narrow space and sound (once again, ear issue). It does it in my bathroom at home sometimes of which the wall is right next to my toilet. Sound also has a tendency to reverberate in bathrooms too which enhances it.

I don’t have any suggestions besides it’ll ease over time or I could say something tongue-in-cheek as a joke but I’ll refrain from it (haha). Just do your business quickly. It happens to me too sometimes and it used to be a lot worse in the beginning. Like you said, this thing morphs.

Thanks space_cadet…did you mean to say with time it will stop scaring the c*** out of me :slight_smile:

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Vignesh, you are not alone, @BHMaloney posted this a little while back :

Thanks James for the pointer. Glad to know i have company.

I think number 2 stimulates the vagus nerve.Vagus nerve controls Parasympathetic Nervous System and Calming. See below how parasympathetic system affects the ear.

Parasympathetic Nervous System and Calming

The vibrations are carried by bone to the area surrounding the middle and inner ear (cochlea/vestibular apparatus), which play a key role in our hearing, balance, coordination and our ability to filter out unwanted noise. It is also an area which is connected to our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) through the Vagus Nerve. Parasympathetic stimulation facilitates our relaxation response (as opposed to our Sympathetic Nervous System, which gives us “fight or flight”).


I get this too. I suggest getting a squatty potty or get stacks of phone books and rest your feet. This will allow you to sit more upright and its suppose to help your digestive system.

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Have a squatty potty at home, it is the outside restrooms that throw me off.

Thanks Lee for chiming in.

Outside bathrooms are annoying. At work for mens restroom, we have the typical stalls with walls on each side and having to go inside standing up and doing your business is annoying. It tends to bring some symptoms sometimes. Its probably due to the fact that its narrow and compact.

Yeah, narrow and compact spaces always used to do it for me … glad to say not so much anymore except during relapse.

For the first few months of my symptoms (and occasionally now) I would feel the side-to-side swaying while standing in my bathroom at home. I can’t say I’ve had the issue sitting, but when you’re standing and doing your business and it feels like the floor wants to shift under you, that kind of sucks, too. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem very frequently. Our toilet at our apartment even rocks a little bit on its own, which definitely doesn’t help! Even one of my worst attacks started while on the toilet. I had one of those feelings that I was falling off (like I frequently feel in chairs) and my instinct was to reach forward, don’t know why, and that quick motion strained my neck which didn’t help either.

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Also sitting on the toilet bowl i have visual vertigo i can visually see as if things are moving. I am accustomed to the rocking and swaying when i stand but the visual vertigo can be alarming.

@draebcir, @Jess09 Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I also have this feeling when sitting in a chair like i will topple and fall backwards which is an ugly feeling as well.

I have a bad relapse right now, want to see if i will get better with the same 20mg Ami. I want to start trial of a new med but also wanted to not let the relapse confuse the med trial. December was a good month with some occasional blips. I did NOT appreciate this in December but now with the relapse i know how much better December was…Grrrr

I am not telling you that you have thoracic Outlet syndrome, but I felt the same.

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I dont know how old this thread is ,im new here . But i have moments of complete off stature ,its not just the toilet, its being able to walk threw a bloody door way . I find i cant figure out my surroundings. its happened about 4x over maybe 6 years,its hard to remember time lapse . I love to skateboard but when im like this and it usually will last a month at a time i stink im frezzing if i stand on my skateboard its like my head is huge and my body is seperate from the board , so i cant ride it . And as quick as the onset it passess gradually but over 3 days and im feeling awesome again . I told my doc its hard to even urinate and its like my (you know) has shrunken aswell as the bags ,totally no desire for sex with my wife .but it returns to normal . Had this test that mri spine .ct brain .spinal tap .bloods and wow all says im fine . But that feeling of dreed i accepted it was okay to die 1x and its stuck with me . And everytime i feel it comming on that fear is now a fear im going to experience that fear again . Idk maybe im on the wrong page but you say about ears alot and ive had many ear operations . Gromets and stuff ears cleaned out and stuff . But idk man docs say im fine but I feel the opposite look pale stink the sweat and changing clothes during the day .

6 days old - you can see by the date or age in the top right of each post.

Thanks for the reply ,make me feel like a clown .awesome by pointing out my stupidity

Haha. Not at all. If you are not used to the forum software easy to miss. :slight_smile:

Sorry dude just seemed like a site where peeps that have issues can talk when there friends family and partners dont understand them . Im just hoping some1 knows what im talking about because i get nowhere with doctors . I want to be myself again thats all . And if some 1 could help me here . That would be awesome .ty

It is a site where everyone comes to rant about their daily lives and struggles. We’re all here for each other. Turnitaround was simply stating how you can note how many days old a post is, you may have been reading his helpful post defensively since it was very straight forward, but he’s by all means the most approachable person on this site with ideas, theories and even help. Everyone respects everyone here.