Retrying the same medication

Hi all,

I finally got to see my vestibular therapist yesterday. She is the only medical professional who I think knows what is happening to me. Even though she is not an MD she sees a lot of patients with MAV.

She told me something that scared me completely though. She said that in her practice, she sees a lot of patients who when they stop taking medications b’cos they’re feeling better, and try them at a later time b’cs they feel bad again, do not see the results they saw the first time around. She says that she recommends never to really get off a medication that is working for you, but maybe go down to a really low dose.

I’m freaked out b’cos I’ve just restarted a medication I stopped taking about 1.5 months ago.

Has this every happened to anybody, where a medicaiton that worked before now does not?


PS. I hope today is a ‘good’ day for everyone.

Hi Priti,

Yes, I’ve heard of this phenomenon. There are some here who have had that happen – with Pizotifen from memory. In others, a med just stops working even though they stay on it! I had good control on Cipramil once, stopped for 6 weeks, was a train wreck, went back on Cip and it worked again although it took longer to see results in round 2. I wouldn’t freak about stopping but I think there may be something in it when your therapist said to saty with what works. If it ain’t broke and side effects are tolerable stay with it.

Scott :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott.

What were your symptoms then?

I had another question: Did you see a gradual improvement in your symptoms after starting the medication or did they just go away one day? Have you been able to stay on your medication and keep the symptoms down?

I just don’t know what to expect with this illness because I’ve yet to find a doctor who knows how to treat this.