Return to work failure = new cocktail! Paxil,Verapamil

Tried to go back full time on the first…made it almost 3 whole days! Symptoms back like a tidal wave. I’m blaming fluorescent lights, anxiety, and too much too soon (should have started at half time. need baby steps.)

Anyway doc just Rx’d Verapamil 120mg 2x a day, and Paxil 10mg once a day. And, to keep on with the butterbur/feverfew caps.

Took a Paxil this AM, starting Verapamil tonight. I’m off for 2 weeks to get used to them and then back 4 hours a day for a month. Baby steps!

Fingers crossed! :smiley:

Kathleen really feel for you trying to go back full time. You must have been under a lot of pressure doing that. I remember when I tried to return to work part time a month after this first started, it really took so much out of me mentally and physically. I hope your new meds help and you cope better when you try again. I have my fingers crossed for you x

So good to hear from you! Sorry work didnt work out for you :frowning:


Thanks Jem and Lisa,

I am slated to return to work in 2 weeks but only part time. Baby steps; gotta learn how to take them!! :smiley:

Verapamil gave me insomnia last night but I slept a lot this AM. Go figure?

Fingers crossed for drugs #5 & 6 to work!!! :lol:

It’s like a roulette table, with me & these meds!


Hi Kathleen,
Well darn, but at least you tried. I had no trouble getting on Verapamil, however up your fiber big time. Is it ER?

Baby steps are good. My side effects from Topamax are easing off a wee bit and I was talking with my Mom about how I might still be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year after all (it’s something I do every year and really enjoy). She kinda chuckled in that mom kinda way and said ‘okay sweetie, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.’ We talked the next day, I realized that Thanksgiving was only 3 weeks away and I will be lucky and grateful to join my family as we go out to eat this year. I think I’ll make a pie. Baby steps.

Fingers are crossed for you,

Judy that is hilarious what your mom said, in only a way an MAVer can understand. During my 3rd day at work, people were looking at me funny…one gal asked if I have a support system at home to help me out. They knew I wouldn’t last! :lol:

I feel tired but this is only my 3rd day on the new cocktail, and I also had to recover from the relapse I gave myself. So I am going easy on me for a while! But honestly I am not having any of those instant, horrible reactions that I had to the last 4 meds so I am very hopeful. Still needed Xanax this AM I think that starting Paxil may have given me a bit of the jitters. But nothing bad at all.

Feeling hopeful :smiley: Maybe I have found my ticket off this ride!!


Okay it’s been just over 1 week, and so far so good!!

Had a little constipation from the Verapamil. Took a little too much magnesium to compensate… :lol: oh well!!

And I ate some great bean soup that was unfortunately made with ham hocks & now tinnitus has ramped up.

But…Dare I say it??? Balance is improving! No more standing on a canoe feeling. Less head motion dizziness, less heavy head feeling. And, vision improved almost immediately, including depth perception and just overall visual acuity. I had no idea how this had been affecting my eyesight until it started to improve. Ears are very slowly improving.

Still have some sound sensitivity and anxiety. Fatigue is getting to me but even there I see the tiniest improvement.

I am not due to reevaluate with the doc for another 3 weeks; she know how sensitive I am to meds & wants me to stay here a month. I’m fine with that!

And I feel happy :smiley: Yay!!

Update in case anyone is reading this.

Had insomnia issues, and for the last couple of days symptoms are back. Not heavy duty, and I firmly believe it’s the sleep issue that’s caused it (I’ve been sensitive to sleep issues forever!) so I used Xanax last night to help me sleep. Got 9 hours! yay! Plus I exercised; walked and did yoga AND no sleeping during the day, no matter how tired I got.

I did just ask doc via email if it is okay to increase the Verapamil to 360, by taking another tablet at night.

We’ll see what she says. I really like this treatment so far.



Hi Kathleen,
So glad things are working out for you and i hope they continue! I know its been a long time coming for you! Xx


Hope it works for you!!


Doc said she thinks I should stick at 240 mg verapamil, and if I want I can add Atenolol. I am scared to death of Beta Blockers and the fatigue!!

I think I will stick with the status quo for now.

Back to work half time tomorrow: Wish me luck!!


Another update :slight_smile:

Earlier this week I upped the Paxil to 20 mg a day. I can feel it making me anxious. Hoping it won’t take too long for me to settle down again. The additional Paxil and being back at work are probably both working in tandem to increase my anxiety. I just need to remember to take my Xanax. For some reason I fight taking it.

I guess I’m too anxious to take my anti-anxiety meds?? :lol:

In any case I made it thru the first week of back to work half days, so I am happy about that!

Hope everyone is doing okay out there.


So glad to here you are back to work! Even if its part time, its a milestone!! It means the meds are working, doing what they r suppose to. I myself am back to work 40 to 50 hours a week. Prior to meds forget it, id never be where i am today! I wish u continued success! :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa!!!

I am so glad you are doing so well!! Topamax was the bomb for you. Good deal! :smiley:

I think I may be at about 60% right now, and slowly getting better. It is so hard to put a figure on it tho.

But, better is better :slight_smile: