Does anybody have Rhinitis? I have just recently been diagnosed with this. Has any treatment helped with this? Had it effected your vm?

Blimey. Maybe that’s contributing to your VM. Good that they’ve caught it!

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7 years of vm and not one docter looked up my nose apart from this on in Monday. He sed it was chronic rhinitis. I’m wondering if it could contribute too.

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From Wikipedia:

Rhinitis , also known as coryza, is irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose. Common symptoms are a stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, and post-nasal drip. The inflammation is caused by viruses, bacteria, irritants or allergens.

This gives you a good clue. Have you been tested for allergies? Perhaps you’re allergic to something and it’s acting as a trigger.

Potentially much more than a trigger:


From my experience with the UK NHS, they are very reluctant to ‘test for’ anything. In fact you could say they are allergic to it. I think they get a bit scared they might find something, like the cause, which might just leave them feeling a bit silly? Though having said that I did get my hearing checked. With a tuning fork! That was in 2015. Not when Noah was a boy. Helen

I’ve had the tuning fork test … passed it. Sorry, getting off-topic.

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Not been tested. Not sure they would either

But have recently found out my bedroom is damp. I’m wondering if that’s caused it.

Mould causes allergies and I’ve read of people being dizzy as a result of it. I think some countries do test for it but I expect any human would be allergic to mould spoors on testing anyway. Search the internet generally and see what’s out there, Helen

If you have moisture in your home, you definitely need to eliminate it. Mold can cause all sorts of medical problems.

My nose is runny much of the year, fall through spring. Some years ago my doctor identified rhinitis and said was an allergy “to the cold.” She has the same thing, where she gets a runny nose and hives if she goes into the freezer section in the grocery store.

I see no connection to my chronic migraine, though. There is treatment available for rhinitis that I think involves a course of steroids; I opted not to do this.

Steroid nasal drops? That’s what I have been given

Yes, that sounds right. I am skeptical of a connection to chronic migraine, which to my understanding (and in my experience) is a matter of brain dysfunction, with no involvement of ears, nose, or eyes (mine all check out). But I hope the treatment brings you relief.

Hi Veena. What happened next? Did the drops help. Steroids are pretty powerful drugs so would probably clear it. It’s just a case of whether it returns after you stop them. Anything that blocks your nose could cause dizziness or increase existing symptoms of it although it’s a bit of a stretch to think it would cause migraine. Helen

Hey Helen. I’m using the nasal drops but not helping with any symptom. Actually my nose feels more blocked now than before which is weird. I have increased my pizatofin to 2mg and feel truly like shit. I’m also pasting privately to have some balance assessment in Essex. I just do not feel satisfied in my diagnosis. In the back of my head o keep getting that feeling there is inner ear damage, so need to rule this out. If there is I will start VRT. How r u?

Whst makes you suspect that? @turnitaround’s the ear expert. I’m not sure if it is possible to rule it out. Whether we have test facilities in the UK to do this. I was given the impression by the neuro-otologistnI saw the enhanced MRI did that but I’m now not so sure. Helen

Yes and that’s the rub … I don’t think current techniques are granular enough.

And it’s not about ‘damage’ with MAV, it’s about ‘stability’, imho.

A stable, if compromised, vestibular system can be compensated for.

My original diagnosis was bilateral vestibular hypofunction plus vm. Diagnosed via caloric. Then I had testing dun afew years later but no caloric and was all normal. And diagnosed with just vm.i cnt ignite the caloric test. This guy who runs a balance centre in Essex sed the tests he does will determaibe ear damage or not. I cnt remember al the jargon he sed but something about covert saccades which were not looked at on my previous vhit test.