Ridiculously Frustrated!

This is starting to get ridiculous and I am starting to think this is NOT normal…ok…been dizzy with MAV for 1 year 7 months and 12 days…really bad in the beginning but then was going stron at 75% better for about 6 months with an occassional bumb in the road…that was until 35 days ago…got a nasty cold that made me horribly dizzy, off balance, and high anxiety…also had near syncope (fainting) 5 times between 9/13-9/28…i felt all the way back to 25% so WAY worse and with no relief…I figured once the cold went away I would go back to 75%…then i got a second cold and we upped my nortriptyline from 10mh to 20mg…and still felt terrible and figured any day now things would start to improve but the HAVENT…its been 35 days and I am not even feel 50% its ridiculous and now I am panicked cause I have never gotten knocked this far back before and it has been soooooo long now…my currnt symptoms daily are really tired sore eyes…dizzy…off balance…heavy headed feeling…hard to walk around cause feel unsteady and feel like need to lay down…brain rushes…and anxiety…not sure if i even felt this bad in the begining…i have not eaten any triggers so i am shocked my migraines are this out of control!!! what the hell is going on here?!! Am i stuck at 25% forever now?? I would give any thing to have 75% back…any advice?? Similiar situations??

And I am sure someone may have posted something like this before but it will take at least an hour on this computer to even POST this message and probably 8 hours to search for another one like it…

i was just browsing the janet jackson post and noticed most have been sick forever! my dr seemed pretty certain that i could recover from this thing but it sounds like i wont ifnone of you guys did

Hi, I can relate with what you are going through. I have somewhat the same symptoms. mine is a little different due to having mav mixed with meniere’s. But I seem to go through different periods. I’ll have several months where i’m off balance, heavy headed (brain fog), nauseated ect, every day. Then I go through a time where I only get 3 to 4 spells a month. its very frustrating because you can’t really plan anything. I have to take each day as it comes. my family is very understanding. If we plan an outting, we have what we call the “A and B” plan. in case I can’t make it. but anyway, on the cold and dizziness. That happens to me. because of all the sinus fluid backing up into my ears and causing pressure on the bad nerve that is daying off from Meniere’s. What helps me there is cutting down on the salt and taking a water pill to get the fluid level down in my body. hope this helps a little…hang in there 8)

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i was just browsing the janet jackson post and noticed most have been sick forever! my dr seemed pretty certain that i could recover from this thing but it sounds like i wont ifnone of you guys did

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There is no cure for migraine, but it is manageable. The secret is finding what works for you. I am 100% positive there are people in the world with MAV who are managing it quite well. Those of us on this forum are still works in progress. I am much better than I was a year ago. I am working very hard at finding what works for me. We all know how you feel. I remember starting a similar thread several months ago when I was feeling desperate for relief.

All I can tell you is hang in there, do your best not to panic because that only makes the MAV worse, watch what you eat, get the right amount of sleep, and pay close attention to what works and doesn’t work for your body. Perhaps journaling your feelings, foods, sleep patterns, symptoms, etc. would help you to identify your triggers and to build a wellness plan specific to you. The number one thing I have learned is we each have to take full responsibility for our own recovery. We may have the support of our doctors, family, friends, and other forum members, but nobody can or will fix this problem for us because there is no one size fits all solution.

Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:


Have you had allergy testing? The last couple of months have been the peak of Fall allergy season (weed pollen and mold spores mostly). Inflamation of the sinus tissues due to allergies can make you vulnerable to all sorts of infections (colds, flu, sinus infections, etc.). Also, allergies can cause inflamation in the inner ear that results in dizziness and there is a lot of research to connection allergy to migraine.

What I’m getting at is that, while it’s tempting to say “well I got a cold and the dizziness got worse so the cold must be causing the dizziness”, it’s possible that there is a third factoring triggering both your colds and your dizziness. If you haven’t had allergy testing I think it would be worth your time.


Yeah, I was thinking the allergy thing, too. Sometimes no matter what we eat, we still get hit … that’s the most frustrating thing for me right now.

First and foremost: We have to get your anxiety calmed down. If I knew you were a Christian, I’d tell you to “BE STILL, and know that I am God” (Psalm 42:10) … hehe … guess I just did tell you that, huh :slight_smile:

Thing is, you might start feeling at least a little better if you could relieve some of that stress/panic/anxiety. Honestly, I’d suggest popping some valium for a few days. (On another forum, I’d be setting myself up for a severe bludgeoning but I feel pretty safe here…)

In my humble internet-doctor opinion, your flare up is related to the cold/allergy thing so you need to get that cleared up somehow. I’ve been taking Rhinocort and keeping my colds pretty well under control. I’m very sensitive to sinus meds, so that’s the most I can do … and it really has seemed to help at least with the dizzy/vertigo stuff.

RE the headache-ish stuff … neck/shoulder massage helps me, when I can get somebody to do it. I can’t afford to pay a professional, so I’m left to beg & throw guilt trips on my husb & dtr. (I also have a cat that likes to knead her declawed paws on my back occasionally … have to feed her more though so that she can put some weight behind it.) And in the summer time getting in the pool would make my symptoms disappear … don’t know if you have access to an indoor pool somewhere … just a thought.

The most important thing though, dear DD - don’t ever give in to the temptation to believe you will never feel better. Best case: We find a med or a lifestyle change that will help. Worst case: We learn to live with what we have & actually find out that life is still worth living!

DD, wish i could tell you you’d be okay.