Rocking dizziness on toilet?

Does anyone here get an immediate rocking dizzing sensation when peeing/ using the bathroom with MAV? I am starting to worry. I was just diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine and am clueless to what “normal” symptoms are!

I do. Email me pls at This is one of my milliom other symptoms. I am not sure if its due peeing tho or just due putting the head down, sitting down in a certain position, or bathroom lightening , but it alwAys comes with it, and drives me crazy. It scares me so much and puts me in that panicy anxious state, which leads to an other dizzy spell, jumping floor, blurry(unfocused) vision and so on. I also feel a pulling sensation in my head, and nausea when it all starts, i am off balance 24/7, i have those “dips” like a cold water covers me, or as if the elavator drops
Down, a feeling of body being in space, like when u go down on a roller coster or water park slide . They come and go , and surely cause awful panic. 24/7
Zig zags in my both eyes, ears pressure, head pressure, sometimes jaw hurts and gets numb, most disturbing feeling is when i move alot and then stop, but still feel like moving, that feeling when u jumped off the carusel and cant focus ur eyes right away.

Yes!! This is my scariest symptom because using the bathroom seems SO unrelated to a migraine. I literally get like an attack when I use it. You have vestibular migraine, right?

Well my dizziness is everyday, but other symptoms seem to come and go. I may have pressure in my face one day, and fine the next. Or I may have whooshing sound/clicking but it seems to go away. That’s why I am so confused, I think.

Yes I definitely feel like I am drunk at times, but not in a good way haha…And I hear you on the spaced out feeling!

Rocking/swaying dizziness occurred on two levels for me. Full on visual hallucination in the early days of floor swinging from side to side. The other symptom is more mild and feels like a constant slight sway usually when sat. This has diminished over time and become milder. I still get the odd ‘attack’ of this.

I do, but I’m not sure if it is the position or due the sound from urination. Still, trying to figure it out. :wink: