Rumbly/humming head (Washing machine brain)

Does anybody else have like a low level sense of vibration/hum/swirly rumbly feeling (difficult to describe) in the back of their head all the time, more noticeable when lying down? Migraine head pressure comes and goes but I always have this weird sensation in the back of my head. It almost like you have the back of you head against a washing machine thats turned on or against the head rest in a car when it’s running. My head doesn’t actually physically rumble or hum or make any noise it’s just more of a strange sensation.

I don’t have a vibration, but the back of my head, especially in the center at the base of my skull, is the first place I notice on-coming dizziness. When this first started 12 years ago, the feeling was constant. Now it comes and goes depending on how bad the off-balance feeling is. Mine feels like a “pulling” and sometimes like an actual rush of blood either going toward the brain or leaving it. As you said, it’s hard to describe.

Hi Julia,
Yes I have experienced this and still do. It’s a light buzzing vibration feeling. My teeth chatter slightly if I’m focusing on it.
It’s better some days more than others.

I have this constant jittering coming from back of head/neck somewhere. feel like i’m shaking but don’t look
like. when tried to explain people jump to anxiety-related, well I don’t know what anxiety shakes are like,
I don’t think it’s this, it really wears you down.

Hi Rebzi,
Yeah I agree it’s not anxiety. It does seem to be from that head neck region. We all have the same symptoms and I can only think it is attributed to MAV as I’ve only had it since this all started. Anxiety has never been an issue for me.

Yeh I don’t think it’s anxiety related either and I’m not really one for suffering from anxiety. I had migraine in the front of my head and top and was never dizzy with it I only got the MAV bit when I started getting migraine in the back of my head and now have the constant vibrating/buzzy feeling in the back of my head. I wonder if it’s to do with the vascular system like a vascular noise. Mine fluctuates in intensity also. I have also had the pulling feeling in the back of my head when I had really bad migraine. I would love to know what was causing it… it’s very annoying. :evil: It’s good to know I’m not alone in having this symptom but I wish none of us had to have it!

That vibrating feeling is oh so familiar. I had it constantly and it got worse with certain sounds like fans, running water and motors. But since on klonopin, I don’t it have anymore except with monthly hormone fluctuations and occ with weather fronts.

Wow, I couldn’t imagine not having it that would be bliss. Ive had that feeling for nearly 6 months my head constantly vibrating. It’s good to know it’s possible to get rid of it. How long did you have it for before you got rid of it?

8 months. On disability for a portion of that but forced my self to go back to work with earplugs. A lot of days I was just miserable. Had to have people drive me because I was too dizzy(true vertigo). Tried verapamil first but that didn’t do a whole lot. Then through searching here and the rest of the world wide web I heard Klonopin helpled dizziness. Dr. didn’t think it would work. told we it doesn’t take the dizziness away, just makes you not care you have it. Well, thankfully I stuck to my guns and she let me try it. It’s not 100% but close enough for me. Like right now I have a slight buzzing but a lot more tolerable than before. Good luck on your search for some relief. Hope it comes soon.

I finally found out what causes this sensation, it’s actually pins and needles in the back of my head. Like when you lean on your arm and your hand feels all fuzzy due to pins and needles thats the sensation I get in the back of my head. It’s hard to describe. No wonder I can’t get rid of it and don’t think any med will be able to get rid of this symptom for me but will keep on trying. It’s usually due to compression of a nerve or improper blood supply to the nerve. This is where migraine crosses over a bit with occipital neuralgia. At least I have an answer. I guess only when the compressed nerve is uncompressed will I get any relief of this symptom. Maybe botox or occipital nerve block would work better but suppose better carry on with meds for now…
Has anybody ever had botox or occipital nerve block? If so did it work? Was it painful?

I don’t think my back-of-head/neck feeling could be called humming or rumbly. I don’t get the sense of vibration or humming. But I do have the back of head and neck symptom!! I was surprised to read this thread. My symptom there feels more kind of like a wobbly, very nasty uncomfortable feeling. Not pain really, and not vibrational, but almost like my head feels like it’s barely attached and might fall off. Really hard to describe. It’s at it’s worse when I"m driving in my car, I can feel every little bump in the road like a bobblehead doll!! I find myself holding my head at a slightly upright angle (chin up a bit) maybe to ‘brace’ my neck and head.

I also get it a lot when I have a conversation w/ someone. The nasty feelings that travel up and down the back of my head and neck are just awful. I think I recall telling the ENT about it and he said I have MAV. I left there thinking “what do you know!” Have always been skeptical of that diagnosis (about a month ago) but this thread has me thinknig maybe there’s more truth to the diagnosis!! I thought the back of head/neck thing was just me!!

I had the sensation my head wasn’t attached to my body feeling when I was really bad , thats when I had the bad dizziness also. It was when my symptoms calmed down I got the vibrating pins and needles in the back of my head feeling but my dizziness also went when my symptoms calmed down. It is a weird feeling it must be the nerves in the back of the head that cause these weird sensations.