Safe Sweets

Any ideas on safe sweets to suck throughout the day. I gave up cigarettes 18 months ago and got hooked on polo mints, never got migraine from them, but then, they started to irritate my stomach (eating too many) so now I am looking for another sweet (not a mint).
I tried the various chewing gums (all have colouring or aspartamine) also many of the mints have maltodextrin.

What sweets have you tried that appear safe.



Strawberry bon bons are quite good! Blackcurrant liquorice, fudge, toffee pennies… I think they are all safe. Ive eaten these and seem to have been ok after.

Thanks Julia,

I have stuck with the toffees for quite a while, and I don’t have a problem with them either.

The strawberry bon bons sound good, might give them a go.

I don’t want to put on weight so perhaps I should stick to sucking ice cubes :shock:

Christine :slight_smile:

Hi Christine when I fancy a sweet treat I have marshmallows. They seem fine and have no dairy in which is my main trigger. I don’t seem to be able to cope with toffees or fudge :frowning: but im okay with fruit pastilles, chewy sweets without dairy etc. I’m going to try some dairy free white chocolate over Christmas. God I miss chocolate!!! Xxx

Charychar, I like using cocoa butter for massage, but if I want chocolate that doesn’t mean I want to eat the flavourless fat mixed with sugar, vanilla, and milk solids. I find white choc a major disappointment.

I also value my teeth, and am not getting enough major exercise lately, so I try to minimize sugar.

We–I and my sweetie–do very nicely on gum sweetened with Xylitol, a sweet alcohol that seems to actually fight caries. The brand I like best is Spry, made by Xlear Inc out of Utah. I’ve moved up to where every so many months, I buy a 600-count jar of cinnamon, and maybe one of peppermint or spearmint. (A whole lot cheaper than buying of few of the gumdrops at a time, plus you can’t find them everywhere.)

I’ve also baked with xylitol, but I’m a little leery of doing so, as xylitol can cause some people diarrhea when ingested in sufficient etc.