Sandomigran sore throat ?

Hello, i have just started on .5mg of sandomigran. So far not too many side effects except i have a really sore throat. Has this happened to anyone else? Also i have some bladder pain/irritation. I have exausted google and cant find much in the way of these side effects.
Thankyou xox

Hi there. How long have you been on it? Could you be coming down with a cold? I was on pizo and didnโ€™t come across that one. Maybe a different reaction?

Hi Jasmin,
I am on Sandomigran (Pizotifen) as well. I started off with 2 mg and I am now on 0.5 mg. I never had a sore throat and I never had bladder pain/irritation. My main side effects were tiredness and low mood on the high dosage. And I was always hungry. I donโ€™t have any side effects on the low dosage.

Maybe your sore throat and bladder pain/irritation are due to something else, for example a cold/covid and/or a urinary tract infection?

Thankyou for your reply. Its been 6 days now. The bladder is better now, i think it was a bit of retention. The other thing im really noticing kow is the agitation and anger im feeling. Do you think this will subside in a couple weeks ? Its a bit unbareable right now. Im snapping at everyone.

Thankyou for your reply. Everything is starting to feel better except for my mood. Im very angry, its concerning me a bit. Not sure if i should keep going with it or not.

If it was me, I would continue with the low dosage, but I would monitor my mood. If your mood stays agitated and angry, I would talk with the neurologist about it.

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