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Scalp spasms?

Has anyone experienced scalp spasms?

The past year, just before my VM kicked off, I have been sporadically been woken from very strong scalp spasms. It feels like contractions, but not so much a twitch as that is quick. These go on for many long seconds, and not in exactly the same area.

It’s mainly near the crown of my head and to the side of that. It wakes me up and is very annoying… and frankly strange.

I had it again the last 3 nights.

I’m really unsure if it’s migraine or something else. I can’t find a lot about it.


I think that’s one I’ve missed out on so it’s difficult to understand the sensation. Could this be what others call ‘brain zaps’ or does it more resemble the pressure from a tension type headache but only lasts a few seconds and moves around the head? Sort of flooding in and out?

As you say there’s no much info about. Not answering to that exact description. Guess you read this?
Success Stories Using Botox?

I thought of brain zaps as more sharp stabs of pain resembling an electric fence sensation.

No this is like a tightening of my head in areas. So hard to explain and very weird. I’ll ask neuro next time I go.

With you now. That’s something I’ve had. In fact it’s something I’ve currently got. Been experiencing it lots lately. Tightening which just seems to occur spontaneously. To me it seems exactly same sensation as the rear head pressure which two neuros now both told me is the ‘migraineous’ element’. I get it during the day so far. It seems to have started to occur quite soon after I reached the conclusion that this fifth month on the higher Propranolol dose has stopped the daily rear head pressure completely. I’ve been suspecting it is anxiety but cannot really understand why it should be so.

I used to get “brain rumbles” when in mixed artificial lighting. These would feel like some kind of pain in the forehead area. Probably different but not completely so?! The weirdest and initially a pretty scary sensation.

Yes I’ve experienced this and my neuro told me it’s migraneous. When it happens if the area is not too tender I’ll try massage it to get some relief, quite an uncomfortable sensation really. It does pass tho.

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I remember you mentioning those ‘rumbles’ before but doesn’t mean a thing to me I’m afraid . Wish I knew what you meant.

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Yeah, literally felt like “brain pain”. Definitely neurological.

I have had that too recently at the top of my head. It is not very painful, but a weird sensation. I have had it during the day.

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And it comes and goes in a matter sometimes of seconds/minutes? I wonder about blood flow.

This is what I was thinking. Blood flow. It feels like a cramp on my head. So strange.

I went to my myo therapist yesterday - I go for a monthly massage on my neck. I mentioned it and he said that he hasn’t heard of that. He massaged the muscles there … and now it is so tender.

I really wonder about how this contributes to migraines. Or a symptom. Thanks for the replies. Glad I’m not the only one.


My formula worked out

Physio massaged head and touched trig menial nerve = instant vestibular attack in bed 11 days.
Maybe you’ve been lucky, higher threshold = interference but far less?

I think MAV definitely has a big hand in muscle spasms I get them on the neck as well as other areas including the scalp sometimes a quick tightening and loosening sometimes the contractions last longer much more than a twitch although I get a lot of those too,very weird…

That’s really interesting (but sorry you’ve got a problem). I’ve had tension in my scalp for quite some time now. Initially I thought it was to do with the VRT exercises I’ve been doing for a long time affecting my neck muscles, which have been very stiff and sore for a while, and then working its way via my temples up into my scalp. It does come and go, though. Sometimes my scalp is very tender, sometimes not. Sometimes I get a very slightly “fizzy” sensation. Sometimes I get a very mild headache with it but not of the migraine sort. Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense but it’s the only way I can describe it.

I consulted my doctor about my neck around a year ago and she asked if I had a tender scalp so I assumed it was neck related. There’s another thread on the forum about neck issues and VM/ MAV so maybe there’s a connection? I’m afraid I haven’t found any way of dealing with it, sorry to say. However, I have found a YouTube video describing a set of neck exercises which I am finding very helpful. I came across it when linking from a previous forum post about a vagus nerve massage. I’m not allowed to post links but if you search YouTube for “Mark Wildman neck exercises” you should find it. It’s the one fronted by a folically-challenged gent with his arms crossed.

Be interested to hear what your neuro has to say about it.

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Yes, I get these also. I would agree that spasm is accurate for my sensation also. Mine also occurs in the same area as yours and after the spasm releases, that area of my scalp is very tender. My migraine clinic has validated that it is part of the migraine.

It is much different from the lighting bolt sensation that starts off a classic migraine for me.

I have found that placing a few drops of tea tree oil in that crown area of my scalp helps with the tenderness after the spasm.

Great exercises, thank you for posting them!

You’re welcome!

Yep I get this! Always left temple when a bad flair up is occurring (or I’ve had wayyyyyy too much sugar!)

Hey Belinda

I don’t think this is quite the same but I used to feel like my brain was actually turning around inside my skull! I’d say that was more of a brain zap type feeling but very scary and weird at the same time. You say it’s more on the skin? I suppose migraine can cause any weird symptom as it is the brain after all and it does affect everything. Quite like when migraine gives people tooth pain?