SCD diagnosis and its actually MAV?

I am wondering if there are others out there who have gotten an SCD diagnosis and you ended up really having MAV and you are better now on MAV meds??
thank you!!

Hey Sarah I have been diagnosed with SCD/ confirmed by ct scans, and the ent also suspected I have MAV, which was confirmed by my GP. I haven’t been to see a neurologist as I’m managing my symptoms well with Maxalt.

The symptoms (vertigo, nausea) are a lot more severe for MAV than for scd, my ent is the top (and perhaps the only) scd specialist in the area and he’s said while I do get vertigo from scd, the debilitating vertigo is most likely MAV. I tend to agree with him on that. The vertigo from scd is more brief for me and doesn’t cause nausea or panic attacks…

Hope that helps!

Oh and I forgot to say that I have the hall mark hearing loss, hearing own heartbeat, foot steps from scd… So I def do have scd. All that manifested last year. The MAV only happened in January this year so for a whole there I was confused but turns out they are 2 separate diagnosis.