SCDS sufferer -new to forum

So I was diagnosed with bilateral SCDS (superior canal dehiscene syndrome) over a year ago. Had a Transmastoid plugging with microcraniotomy back in May, still have the other ear to do. After my first bout with vertigo-which eventually led to my diagnosis of SCDS, I have been suffering with severe headaches. Even after surgery. My dizziness continued after surgery too. My Neurotologist, surgeon, said I had Migraine related dizziness and i have fought him tooth and nail telling him I dont have migraines. Im dizzy on days I dont have a headache and until my first bout of vertigo I did not have migraines. Well, he recently started me on Magnesium Oxalate 400 mg per day -after trying many other drugs. I have to say, so far the Magnesium is working. I havent had a single headache since I started this medicine and a lot of my SCDS symptoms are manageable now and my dizziness is too! I cant tell you how amazing it feels not to have that dang headache-I wanted to rip out my brain some days.

I read the intro on this site (which was mentioned on my SCDS forum website) and the swaying is me to a T. I thought it was just me suffering from titubation and it says it right there that its a symptom of this. Not many SCDS patients ever say they have the swaying and I did, esp when I was really dizzy. Im so excited to maybe on the road to no more headaches and dizziness. HAving SCDS is bad enough without extra issues.

Has the Magnesium worked for anyone else?

@scuba443 I’m so sorry to see that no one ever responded to your post. I am curious to know if you continued to have success with the Magnesium Oxalate? Or did you eventually have to add another treatment to gain more control? Thanks!