Scheduled for VEMP and VNG testing

I’m going on Monday for these tests. What should I expect? Will these trigger vertigo? I’m worried because I cannot take my clonazepam from now until after the tests are over. Anyone who has had these tests please tell me what you experienced.

I haven’t had the VEMP test, so I can’t give you any insight to it, but I have had 3 ENG’s. The caloric part of the test is saved until last because it can create vertigo. Actually, you do want it to cause vertigo, because it means that your vestibular system is functioning normally. How bad is the vertigo? Don’t eat before going, and take your clonazepam with you, but don’t take any until they tell you the testing is all done.

I don’t know about the VEMP testing either. But, yes, the caloric testing will cause spinning and it does feel rough. They turned on a little light in the headset thing I was wearing that I could focus on after each ear test, and that helped stop the spinning feeling.

I was pretty scared but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, and afterward I was able to lie down for a bit and then sit in the front waiting area and it was fine. I didn’t have vertigo before the testing though, just constant dizziness.

The VEMP test is non-invasive but does take a bit of time. You will be made comfortable with electrodes on your neck area and then you will hear a variety of tones. You don’t really do anything. I’ve had it a number of times since I have a Semi-circular canal dehiscence along with my MAV/MdDS but it is thought to be congenital.

Relax as much as possible, good luck.

I have had VEMP tests done plenty of times since my neurotologist uses it in diagnosing MAV, according to him a lot af MAV patients will show abnormal test results and what is characteristic of MAV is that the abnormalities changes. You get electrodes on your neck and forehead and a little thing in your ear that makes a little noise and then you have to turn your head to a certain position while the noise in your ear is on. It has never made me dizzy in any way, of all the test I have had this is the most comfortable and relaxing of all.

The ENG gave me vertigo in both ears, hot and cold but nowhere near as bad as I expected. The water was sprayed in my ears rather strongly for about 30 seconds. About 20-25 seconds into the spray the vertigo hit and lasted about a minute. As someone else also mentioned, there was a light I could look at to help focus. I also lay absolutley still which helped. When the test was over I was able to get up and walk out without a problem though I did take a valium right away cause I was afraid of after effects. I was a total basket case beforehand and my first thought when it was over was “for that I got all worked up?”

I don’t ever hear people mention the other parts of the ENG test but, personally, I found the part where I had to follow lights and stare at lights much more difficult to handle. Following the lights made me feel quite car sick. I do not want to repeat that part.

Never had the VEMP but since someone mentioned it is useful in diagnosing MAV I would like it.

I havent had this done, but here is something Dr Hain put together it might aleviate some of your fears. just click on this
good luck :frowning:

Also here’s some vid of VEG test,


I’m scheduled for a VEMP test soon and trying to figure out how to plan my day. Does it cause dizziness or do anything that may hamper my ability to get home by myself?