Scott and Emma in LA

Hey All,

I flew into LA this morning after a 13-hour direct flight from Sydney. Emma met me at the airport, I checked into the hotel here near LAX and then we headed off to Santa Monica for a great veggie lunch. It was amazing to meet – had a lot of laughs over this crazy condition and the drug merry-go-round we’ve been on. Even met “Mr Roarke” her cool cat. It was smokin’ hot today too - about 38C.

I’m feeling pretty good (knock on wood) despite about 4 hours sleep over the last 48 hours. Had a skull crushing headache on the jet for about 6 hours, felt freaked out watching a few movies, then gave up on it all, stuck in some ear plugs and immediately felt better. If any of you get on a jet with MAV going on, ear plugs are essential.

Thanks again Emma for all your hospitality and an AWESOME day. You’re a great girl. What a shame there’s not more time to play in LA.

Scott :smiley:

That sounds terrific! I wish I was feeling better so I could see you too. hopefully, one day. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Hey Scott and Emma,

That’s so cool that you met up and also had such a fun time. It really is great isn’t it to talk to other people who have MAV - because those of us with it absolutely “get it” like no-one else can, not even other (non MAV) migraineurs. We’re like a little secret society :lol: . The support everyone gives on this forum is just so terrific, as well as all the practical tips and information.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday Scott!

Feelin’ the lurve,

Hi Lisa,

Maybe we can catch up another time when you’re feeling much better. I get back over this way just about every year to see the fam anyway and love this way of getting to Toronto – via the US. Still seems so bizarre that I’m in the States … hasn’t sunk in yet. I continue to be amazed (knock on wood, spit three times) that I’m in such good form considering all the running around, sleep disturbance and lack thereof. Maybe the Paxil is really doing the trick … still kicking along on about 2.5 mg.

Hey Vic – are you good now after getting settled back in? I was checking the weather for Toronto Monday and it’s going to be warmer in Sydney!!! What’s up with that? Summer here and winter there! I was joking with Emma that it’s like we’re from another planet meeting up among all the people of planet Earth.


Hey Scott,
So glad you are feeling good along your travels. May be the Paxil or maybe you need to relocate to the States :slight_smile:

I hope this time next year if you are in the New York area I can show you a great night out on the town in Manhattan…MAV free!!!


Hi Everyone,

It was nice seeing Scott in LA. I was a little worried about how I was going to feel, but I had a good day yesterday. Scott and I had a great time, minus the traffic…

It feels good to know you are not alone with this crazy condition. Hopefully we all can meet someday, and have a big MAV conference… :slight_smile:



Scott and Emma:
I’m glad you guys met and had a great time in LA. Scott, I am glad you are feeling relatively well during your travels, I hope it keeps up. What a great idea to have a MAV conference so we could all get to together and meet and commiserate with each other. Maybe we could get Dr. Hain or Dr. Rauch or one of the other experts in the field to speak …


Scott and Emma,
How nice of you to get a chance to meet one another! It must be an amazing experience to be able to meet face to face and relate with someone else who is going through the same thing!

Joan-- What a wonderful idea, I could only imagine how hard it would be to get all of us MAVers in the same place!


Hey Lisa –

Love the idea of a MAV conference, but it could be the only conference no one would want to go to because of the travel! We’d have to patch everyone in via the internet or something. Maybe we should set up an e-conference or some sort of live chat.

Just arrived in New York! Much more humid here than LA and raining. Supposed to stay wet but probably a good thing … less tourists clogging things up!

I haven’t eaten much all day and no food on the plane. Not good … and some dizz kicking in. Looks like I’ll try ordering from the local Indian and try to shake this jet lag.

Glad you had a great meeting. I hope that the rest of your trip is fun and rewarding in spite of this illness. Have a good trip and keep us posted when you have a chance.