Scott did you reorganise the index pages?

Topics don’t seem to ‘move up’ now chronologically - is a bit confusing or is it just me?

Some topics have a light bulby looking icon to the left of them - what does that mean?


Vic –

I’ve “pinned” those topics so that they stick there for a while, most notably the migraine AGM talk. I want to make sure people see those particular posts and they don’t slip way down the page. If it’s a sticky post, the icon changes on the left. You should notice that some icons are red in colour when you log in which means someone has posted something new since your last visit.

Are you having an “internet moment”? LOL



Not really an internet moment so much as an internet experience. I struggle about 90% of the time… :roll:

So, I understood most of what you said, but what is a “sticky”?

sticky means he’s made it “stick” to the top of the list rather than gradually moving further down the list as the item gets older :smiley:

Ah, thanks Gabrielle! I feel like such an old nanna with this interweb thing. Should come with a manual! In my day etc…