So every time we’ve played with meds, hubby’s vertigo gets worse. Recent trial of reducing flunarazine and bringing in verapamil failed. Few weeks of unable to drive, only walking about 100m etc.

We always go back to thinking that at least we have a semblance symptom control with the flunarazine/effexor combo. There’s still plenty of things he avoids/modifies lifestyle-wise, but overall, much more functional. The biggest problems are sedation and brain fog. I end up waking him multiple times a day - I woke him at 8am this morning (he went to bed about 11pm). He’s back bed asleep at 9.30am and will sleep 1-2 hours (or more if allowed). This is a very typical pattern. Does anyone else struggle with this? Any thoughts about ways to counter it?

I’ve noticed that the more he sleeps in the day, the poorer quality sleep he has at night, so if he can fight through it, it’s functionally better… but then as I imagine you’d all be familiar with, he’s fighting through a lot all the time anyway. I’m just at my wits end for how to help. I read an interesting blog from someone with narcolepsy and the behavioural measures they took to counter daytime sleep. I’ve tried getting him to go for a walk (needs to be fairly symptom free). Going out. Doing errands. Suggested doing some light weights (minimal head-movement). Our specialist suggested that it’s medication-induced sedation and as such, pretty hard to fight through.

It’s at the point that I’m having to work more to provide for the family, but I’m worried about him dropping off to sleep whilst looking after our 2 young children. Yesterday he thinks he dropped off a few times while they played. eep.

Any thoughts/ideas much appreciated.

Not sure whether this would be appropriate, but have you or your doctor considered a stimulant, taken in the morning, such as Provigil or Ritalin? They helped me a lot in the past.

I find the more I sleep, the sleepier I feel. It’s really important to get the right amount of sleep–not too much, not too little. If I get “too much” sleep–more than 7.5 or occasionally 8 hours at the very most–I just feel foggier, which makes me want to go doze off in the recliner. I need to keep my brain active during the day with something that holds my attention in order to avoid the urge to nap. I try to ONLY nap if I know I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

What about games, puzzles, anything interactive instead of passive? ARe your children old enough to enjoy games? Try to find things that both they and your husband enjoy doing together and that requires his active, constant attention.

Good luck…


Tons of great ideas for stuff to do with kids:

Also, reading to kids is ALWAYS good, and it could help keep him awake as well as being a great way to connect with your kids and prepare them for school. Best thing you can do for your children is read to them every day. Get tons of books at your local library and let kids pick what they want to read.