Seeing Movement

I see things moving all the time even when sat absolutely still. If I blink and move my head slightly it lessens. When I am moving, then stop, everything continues to move especially in the car at traffic lights. Cars at the side of me are still moving to me although they are still. This isn’t something new for me have had this for 15 years, but all got worse 12 months ago.

Everything constantly sways in my vision. It’s a VERY common symptom so my neuro tells me. For me it almost looks as though things are breathing - the walls, the pavements etc. Also my eyes pulse with my heartbeat which is so irritating! My eye lid often twitches too which doesn’t help with motion in my vision! x

I also feel great in a car - another common MAV symptom x

Have seen things move on a few rare occassions.

And felt like things are moving in the midst of my recent bad relapse- like you know when you look up at the clouds and you can see them moving very slowly round.

I also feel good in a car.

I sometimes have the feeling that I am a building swaying, and therefor get the impression that things are moving.

thanks for the responses guys… makes me feel a little less alone with this symptom


Its the same with me.buildings move and sway when the car is not moving but as soon as the car starts to move the buildings don’t sway anymore.I have self diagnosed myself as suffering from visual snow syndrome aka permanent migraine aura along with mav which makes sense Cz doctors don’t understand this 24/7 visual bullshit that I have but r confident that the dizziness is migraine related.

Hi Richy,
I saw this today when looking at the old Compensation video by Johnson & Johnson. It’s a Youtube video explaining how the vestibular system works. I think it may help u to understand how the brain receives signals from the vestibular apparatus. It’s quite nicely presented in simple terms. I’m going to see if this Professor has more detailed info. I just thought this one might be helpful in how it explains the sense of movement. Will probably post it over at DT as well. Compliments of Prof Fink - Physiology - the Vestibular Apparatus

VESTIBULAR APPARATUS; the Anatomy & Physiology of Balance & Equilibrium by Professor Fink - YouTube)

I have some weird things happen but what u describe is quite common for many people. (New here but have read lots of it over at DT)

This is another one that is also interesting - perception of self motion, head position and spatial orientation in relation to gravity.

- YouTube)

Vestibular Compensation (unilateral damage) - forget the product

Vestibular Compensation, Medical Animation: Johnson & Johnson - YouTube)

Pom xo

Hi Pom,

these videos are related to the balance apparatus in the ear, however we are suffering with migraine vertigo which is a central vestibular issue… do you know any good videos more for that side of things?

Hi Richy

I see things move too at times. Somtimes they suddenly jolt quickly and I have to look again to see if everything moved - and it didn’t! So strange.

If I look at particular types of carpet or patterns, they constantly shimmer or move. This is all the time.

You’re not alone :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys,
Can you please suggest how you ov ercame this problem. I am suffering from this for last 2 months.

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Depends what the underlying issue is. But assuming it will resolve spontaneously, in the meantime you should consider a vestibular suppressant like Amitriptyline. Discuss with your doctor.

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This is an issue of mine. It’s a migraine symptom. I wish James @turnitaround was right that it resolves spontaneously, and it’s not impossible that it could I suppose, but given it’s so interwoven with migraine I’d say the only way that symptom is going away is if you get the migraine under control. That usually means medication trials. I think I saw less false movements when I was on Effexor. They ramped back up again when I quit the drug. Now when Botox is holding VM at bay I see less false movement. But when I’m having a breakthrough migraine, am over tired or stressed it’s one of my more prominent symptoms. Your best bet is to get migraine under control with a combination of diet, trigger management, lifestyle changes and medication.

PS Welcome to the community!!


I’ve been having permanent dizzyness for over a year because of some neck problems, a few months ago I felt like things were moving slighty and this has been worsening for a while now.

I’m so glad I’m not alone in this, I couldn’t find anything similar to what I was feeling and this makes so much sense!

In my case it worsens when I’m indoors and I can see walls and stuff and also when I stare to one particular thing for a few seconds.

Aqua, do a search on all of your symptoms from the home page. Read our wikis. You’ll find your experiences reflected everywhere here.


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Stationary objects moving?

Also Search ‘Oscillopsia’.
Everything moves in my vision - could it be MAV?

I too experience this sort of things. Very disconcerting however from all I’ve read it is common amongst people who suffer from any vestibular issues and unfortunately ongoing. It’s not unusual for brief occurrences to happen on into the future. I’ve experienced it on and off for years. I suspect it occurs more often when I am more symptomatic generally but it does still occur even after years of medication.

If you are sure your issues are most probably due to your neck problems do check out Cervicogenic headaches. If unsure suggest you consult a specialist. You may already be aware but most vestibular issues also cause tightness and/or stiffness of the neck so the fact that area might appear to be the cause it could actually be MAV/VM anyway. All a bit confusing initially maybe. Even for specialists to work it out.

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Thanks so much for your answer!

I’m almost a 100% sure that it is because of my neck. I’ve had some major issues with contractures and they are heavily related with my dizziness. Also I dont really know a lot about migraines but I dont experience headaches that often and when I do they tend to be really light.

I’ve read about oscillopsia too but if Im not mistaken it get worse with movement, with me its totally the opposite, when I’m moving it gets so much better!

Also I have a dissociative disorder so at first I linked it to that but now I kinda feel like it may be a mix of both things, permanent dizzines for over a year now and dissociating may amplify that.

Again, thanks so much for your answer, knowing that is a common thing among people with vestibular issues really calmed me. I’ve been struggling for a while now (its now slowly getting better though) but I’m so glad I found this community!!

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Please make sure you seek the best available medical advice to get your condition under the best possible control. Whatever the cause it is not reasonable to feel constantly dizzy for so long. There may well be treatments on offer.

A very late reply …. This is something I’m suffering with.
If your still on here, do you still suffer with the symptoms.
Certain carpets/rugs shimmer/ flicker and lots of other still objects. Very scary to me just want some reassurance.


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Unlikely you’ll get a reply as she’s not posted on here since 2014.

Objects appearing to ‘shimmer’ or ‘flicker’ are quite a regular occurrence with MAVers. I’ve seen apparent heat haze where there was none. The more symptomatic one is the more it happens. I always know I’m heading for trouble if the light appears to flicker when when I’m say buttering bread or if the light flickers from the top of my tea mug when I’m about to drink the hot liquid.

Dr Silver, one UK specialist writes

”Some patients during their acute attacks of severe migraine will notice true vertigo where they feel that either they or the room are moving. It is not unusual for chronic migraineurs to experience visual vertigo whereby visual stimuli such as patterned carpets, stripes, escalators, words on newspapers, etc, result in them feeling imbalanced.”

Search ‘heat haze’ on here and you’ll find further discussion. Basically it’s a bit of a visual hallucination which sounds bit scary but it’s nothing sinister and one can soon become quite used to it.

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