Self massage - vagus nerve

Hi everyone,

I’ve been hearing a lot about stimulating the vagus manually through self massage. Just watched this video and thought I’d share. I was yawning away while doing it, so it was definitely working for me. Hope it might be helpful for others too.


Great video! I have very relaxed ears now. Interestingly, my eyes are also feeling more relaxed.


Interesting. I wasn’t sure where the Vegas nerve was. I am approved for a cochlear implant which involves an incision behind the ear between the facial nerve and the "taste"nerve. They have cautioned me that depending on the exact placement of these nerves in my head, there is a possibility of damage to one or the other or both. But, the are optimistic that the damage would heal within six months. I’m not nearly as optimistic. But, my desire to hear out of that ear outweighs my concerns of nerve damage.

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Great! Will definitely try this. Hope this would help me control my mood.

Woah, this made me yawn like crazy too. And my right ear (which is my highly affected side from vm) was so stiff before, and much looser after the exercises. Very useful!

Thank u for sharing!


My Tai Chi instructor always reckoned that’s a sign of insufficient oxygen? I’ve no idea though I appreciate it can be migraine-associated too.

I don’t know about insufficient oxygen, but I do have it on good authority that when the vagus is stimulated and therefore the parasympathetic nervous system activated that this can often lead to yawning (a sign that the body is ready to rest)

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I just watched an interview between the Dizzy Cook and the Dizzy Doc (Dr. Shin Beh) wherein he was discussing preventive and migraine abortive success with some of his patients through vagus nerve stimulation via gammacore device. Of course, it’s a bazillion dollars and insurance doesn’t cover it (yet).

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