Hi, has anyone been on either Ozempic or Wegovy for diabetes or weight loss? I’m wondering if anyone has had experienced side effects either positive or negative related to vertigo. I just started Wegovy for weight loss (approved only in US so far but Canada coming soon) and have found an accidental (or perhaps unrelated) benefit. I’m not losing weight yet as I’m not on the full dose (though some lose weight from day 1) but I just noticed that I’m able to drink wine again! This is a VERY big deal to me since my vertigo has prevented me from drinking wine, or any alcohol, for more than 8 months.

Just wondered if anyone else has been on this drug with vertigo.

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That’s great news.

At the risk of stating the obvious, though, drinking alcohol will surely act against any attempt to lose weight?

There’s also been more evidence recently that even moderate consumption can increase your chance of developing dementia so I’d definitely not consider the option of drinking again to be a complete no brainer (ahem).:

Risky drinking and cognitive impairment in community residents aged 50 and over: Aging & Mental Health: Vol 0, No 0 (


OMG, are you really telling me not to drink a glass of wine so I can lose weight and avoid dementia? I suppose you mean well but I think this “job” as moderator may have gone to your head!


No, I’m not telling you to do anything, you are an adult (presumably) and can make your own decisions.

I posted that as a member of the public, not as a “Moderator” (My Moderator posts tend to be coloured) and as something to think about. If you chose to act upon that information, that’s up to you. I mean, why is that not obvious?

And the wine to yours, apparently ;).

(full disclosure: I drink wine occasionally and enjoy it!)