Sensation of touch increase exacerbated sensation of movemen

As we all know, Migraine is a sensory system disturbance which can affect any area of our sensory system at any particular time.

Its really strange as this week I feel like I have really heavy weighted feet. When I stand still my sensation of touch through my feet seems super strong, it almost feels like my feet are somehow merged into the ground… its bloody weird!

This does not bode well with the usual unsteadiness feeling I get when standing still, it makes the whole experience that much more intense. Ive also noticed this week that I have an increase of rocking and also the illusion that objects are moving around me.

When I was sat on the plane from London the other day, waiting to taxi from the airport gate, I nearly had a full blown panic attack. My sense of rocking was so intense my brain actually believed that the whole world was going to turn upside down. With all this internal increased motion sensitivity it throws my whole perception of where things are in relation to each other out of whack! and this has increased the anxiety ten fold.

I think my brain is highly irritated from all the travel ive done over the last week, as well as the increase in alcohol consumption and lack of sleep. I am now rigidly sticking to the lifestyle measures as advised by Dr Silver. Also giving up alcohol and chocolate and limiting decaff tea to max 3 per day. I really am excited about seeing him at the end of July now

Thanks for listening to my crap haha… this is good for me as a reference when I look back in the future anyway, so kinda treat this website like a diary at times :slight_smile:

richy whatever happened with the nortriptyline? did you ever go higher than 10 mg?

Hi Sarah,

I got up to 20mg and then the side effects were a bit much, although I don’t think I gave it as much of a chance as I could have. I then went off the Nori 2 weeks ago and about a week after going off the Nori i’ve started feeling worse. I am thinking the Nori must have been doing at least something so am back on 10 mg again since yesterday. I hope it helps.

You won’t regret going to see Dr. Silver, he really knows his stuff. I go on Thursday, I can’t wait!!!

From the sounds of it, the flying, drinking etc has caught up with you :frowning: You must take good care of yourself Mr! I have had some breakthrough symptoms which is very disappointing so I will be asking the Doc lots of questions!! I just need a little reassurance that it will all be OK. I think after speaking to him you will be able to relax a little. I think the reason for my increase in symptoms is that I have just returned to work and have now got tonsillitis. Need to look after myself too! Dr Silver will tell you to go bed and rise at the same time each day, it’s impossible!!

I will post any useful bits of information I pick up.

Hope you feel a bit better soon

Kathy x xx