Sensitivity to Meds and other items

Hi all
Something that is mentioned often on this forum is sensitivity to medication. Whilst I can tolerate most medication, I do find that I can have some quite unusual side affects. For example Ami, which can be used for insomnia and often causes drowsiness, actually seemed to keep me awake if I took it too close to going to bed. I also think it caused me to sleep walk every few days although that may just be a coincidence that the sleep walking increased at the same time as taking the ami. Also Non drowsy cold medication often makes me fall asleep.

I’ve noticed that I also react to other items. For example small amounts of coffee or energy drinks gives me far too much energy. Alcohol just makes me sad and want to cry. I’ve always had these reactions to coffee and alcohol even before the MAV.

I was wondering if it was pretty common for the med sensitive people on the forum to be sensitive and to react to other items too? Or in fact if it was common to everyone with migraine whether they are sensitive to medication or not?


Im extremely sensitive to all medications. Always have been. I tend to take children’s dosages of everything. Even valium. I take quarters of pills at a time. it makes it hard to get any help because i don’t think i can take enough to help me. I overreact to everything. I can’t even take cold medicine.

Right now i’m taking allergy meds and i feel like crap. I’m totally exhausted. between the allergies and the meds i just want to lay in bed all day!