Serc Betahistine

Hi all,
Has anyone ever used Serc in the past, I’ve just remembered, long before I was ever diagnosed with Mav, My doc gave me Serc Betahistine, It used to be available in the US but was for some reason taken off the market.
Anyway, I only used it for around a week, while on it I felt less rocking, I was having physiotherapy to try and regain my balance, and the Physio told me to go off all meds, which I did.
I had forgotten about this until this morning.
I know it’s used for Meniers.
Has anyone tried it in the past?

I’m not sure if you’re allowed to take it when on an antidepressant or not.
Thanks jen

Hi Jen
Can’t tell you the exact reason why, but my neuro took me off serc straight away with my first consultation. He prescribed Sandomigran which has antihistamine properties and your link mentions that serc increases the production of histamine (is that how your read it??). Maybe that’s why I wasn’t prescribed serc any longer but I don’t know if it has any contraindications with anti-depressants.
regards, Judy

Ok thanks Judy!

having a migraine right now ,
gotta go!


MSDXD told us recently that when he was first seeing Hain he was prescribed Serc. Not sure if he ever took it, or what the rest of the story was. Maybe he’ll chime in on this thread. Be well, Jen.

Here’s the link Hain refers to for Serc: … /serc.html

He also commented that he used it for patients resistant to other treatments. Hain has some non-updated pages on his website - i’m not sure if this is one of them. the page material about alternative treatments for migraine.

About the antidepressants, it looks to me from reading the Hain page, that you can’t take it with tricyclics.

Yes. After my initial consultation with Dr. Hain, I was prescribed Verapamil and Serc. I did take Serc for a while, but eventually found that Verapamil was having a much more positive effect than Serc. I stopped taking Serc entirely after a month or two. The one negative side effect I found with Serc is that it can deliver a pretty wicked headache. Not all patients suffer that particular side effect, but some do.

Serc was costing about $75 per month from a compounding pharmacy. I’ve run into some folks who swear by—as opposed to at—Serc. Helped them a whole bunch. Just didn’t work for me. My dosage was 16mg, 3 times per day.

As an aside, one thing that has always stuck with since I stopped taking Serc was that it was in a gelatin capsule. I’ve always kind of wondered if that played at least somewhat of a role in the headaches I was experiencing. Some of those headaches were pretty nasty and disabling. Bergmanesque.

Thanks Guys, I’m tossing up trying it again before topa.
Still a bit worried about the topa.
I know things have been getting a little better for me lately, migraines start out just the same confusion ect.
But the after effects of the mig aren’t as bad.
if I could get the rocking in control I could handle the rest.
Appreciate your input.

Jen :stuck_out_tongue: