Serotonergic fatigue!

Does anyone think it is possible that ALL SSRI’S CAN CAUSE TIREDNESS AND FATIGUE in someone? I sure cant find one that is stimulating, and I have been on them all!

Yes, they all can cause fatigue. Have you tried the snri’s? Fex and cymbalta? Zoloft can be mire stimulating. You can try welbutrin either by itself or as an augment.
Do you take them at night?

Hi, Yes I trued Zoloft it made me feel dizzier and super Drugged! The wellbutrin 75 mg just made my heart race but didnt really help with the fatigue. I took Celexa at night once but woke up with a lot of brain fog so it scared me. I am taking effexor right now but it is making me feel unmotivated and tired as well. Did the cymbalta ever make you feel like that? I wonder if I stayed on the celexa longer ( i was on it for 4 weeks) maybe the tiredness would have gone away? It was Really helping me with the anxiety part.

The people I know who’ve taken Prozac said it was activating and many people feel quite hyper sometimes to the point of insomnia. However it is also notorious for causing dizziness.

You may need to up the dose if fex to where it incorporates norepinephrine . Or you could augment with strattera, which just us a NE reuptake inhibitor. Better for fatigue.
I haven’t had fatigue on cymbalta. No real side effects except constipation and insomnia the first few weeks which responded to sleep meds. I don’t need them now though.

Thanks Kelly, but my Neuro has me back on the Celexa and she said hopefully if I just give it more time the fatigue will go away! God I hope so!