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Service dogs

Hi has anyone used a service dog as a way to cope and to get around with vestibular migraines? Or can someone point me to information about the use of service dogs to help achieve a more normal lifestyle with this condition?? Many thanks…

What would the service dog do?

Like guide dogs for blind

I know what guide dogs can do, I just don’t see the application to MAV.

Service dogs work in variety of settings. Some work with folks who have vestibular conditions and assist with balance (for example, walking in public places) and can act to ‘ground’ someone who is having an episode…by this I mean providing a physical contact, like holding a person’s arm or the wall or a table to stop the world from spinning).

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That makes sense. Thank you.

You’re welcome!!

Just wanted to post this here because I didn’t know that there are migraine alert service dogs.

What if you always exhibit symptoms?

Hey Em, dogs need a break too. You get two of them and load balance:P

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Hmm, yeah, I don’t know. I think the dog would be there to help you with things like balance and bringing you things you need like the phone or whatever. Kind of to make your life a little easier I suppose? Especially if you live alone.

I don’t actually need a service dog so much as want one. That’s just me really liking dogs and fancying the chance to bring one everywhere.

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Haha I get it. I love dogs and it takes a lot for me not to pet a service dog. Always having one around would be nice. Probably help with anxiety too.