Severe Brain Zaps

I feel as though I have been hit by lightning. I am getting brain zaps one after the other and the only medication I’m on is nori. I am wondering if there is anything to stop the zaps because its not a good feeling. Any advice on brain zaps would be appreciated.


I had the brain zaps (ouch!!) but nowhere near as bad as Muppo. She was prescribed Gabbapentin by Dr Surenthiran. You’ll find more info if you do a search.

I had those brain zaps once when I went to see a movie at the movie theater. I thought I was having a stroke or something. I ended up going to the hospital cause I had no clue what was going on. I wish I would of known it was part of MAV. Because I ended up with a hospital bill close to two thousand dollars from the hospital.

i have them very often. They are starting to improve with my treatment. They were sometimes constant. when I would see movement of any kind, I would have a brain zap. so horrible

Though nowhere near as bad as during a drug withdrawal, I have had brain zaps ever since I was young, especially when waking up and getting going in the morning. They are quite uncomfortable! You may find that certain body movements, etc. trigger them a bit more and can avoid such activities in the meantime. I’m not sure there are any tried and true treatments for them, but some things can help anecdotally and your doc may be able to recommend something for you.

Did you forget a dose of nori? Some people who are sensisitive with meds can get them from missing/being late with a dose.

Thanks for all your replies. Dizzyforlife I have not missed a dose of nori but that is very interesting how missing a dose can bring on those zaps. Thanks ya’ll for your help.

Mine were like something out of the feckin exorcist - they could fly me out of the bed!! Horrendous, awful, painful, debilitating and used to electric shock fry my entire body. F*cked up. No-one should have to suffer those little bastards!! :evil:

No I don’t know about the whole blood vessel/bone thing but mine is purely like being electrocuted and my brain/vision does a backflip :shock:

It feels like your brain is being electrocuted and electrical sparks are going everywhere. Errrr, my brain has a mind of its own.