Severe Chest Pains worse than anything else

I was diagnosed with Mav over a year ago. I am pretty sure my neuro surgeon didn’t fully understood Mav, but felt it sounded right. He also diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I’ve am also being treated for candida. The amount of different symptoms I have is unbearable. Mav, Fibromyalgia, Candida all over lots of different symtoms. Also, none are taken that seriously by anyone. I am pretty sure most people think I am just crazy.

Anyhow, I am sitting here at 2am on my birthday, feeling like I am going to drop dead again. I have severe pain in my chest, on the left hand side. It feels like my heart. I feel like I am going to stop breathing or something. I’ve started to get that pain in my neck, getting dizzy and because of all this, starting to get anxious. Although i’ve had this before, been into the hospital to get my heart check, it’s still very scary. Trying to live a normal life is near impossible.

I find the chest pains the worst part as it feels as if my heart is going to stop. All the other pains, pressure in my eyes, neck, ears, chronic stomach pains, fatigue can be dealt with. But this feeling in my heart is horrible. Does anyone else have problems with their chest that makes them feel really anxious.

Does anyone take xanax when this is happening to help them sleep ?

Thanks for reading

I never had what I would label as chest “pains”, but when my vertigo got bad, i would sometimes get chest palpitations that felt like heart flutters, usually on the left side. They felt more pronounced when I was lying down.

The only hope I can give you is that when I got rid of the other problems, that symptom also went away. But my issues weren’t nearly as widespread as yours. Have you trialed any medications since your MAV diagnosis? Have any given you any relief at all?

Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble.

Hi, I suffer with ME etc. too (similar to fibro). I get the heart racing at night, the adrenaline rushes, its horrible, things are always worse at night and sometimes it can go on all night, I get no sleep. I have never had any chest pain though I have heard you can get chest pain with anxiety.