Severe Eye Pain Bronchial Asthma Cough With Topiramate?

I have had a dry cough ever since I started on 25 mg. of Topiramate and dry eyes also. A week ago I went up to 37.5 and the cough has become increasingly worse and so has the redness and eye pain. Yesterday I started at 50 mg. divided into 25 am and 25 pm and didn’t sleep all night because I had this bronchial asthmatic wheezy type of cough and really bad gritty eye pain. I ended up using an inhaler that I had for occasional asthma from a long time ago and It helped a little bit. Will this side effect go away eventually??


I’m not sure about the cough stuff, but I have heard eye issues can be a side effect. Have you mentioned this to your doctor?

I just got word from my doctor and both are side effects of the med, especially after an increase. I am going back down to 37.5 for a week to see if the effects subside and then will try to go back up to 50 mg. next week. I guess I will be one of those people that will have to titrate very slowly and do the 12.5 mg. every two weeks :frowning: