SEVERE NAUSEA 24/7 - losing weight

Diagnosed with BPPV, labyrinthitis and severe tinnitus 6 1/2 yrs ago in my 40 's. I have been doing Vestibular therapy for 6 1/2 years. that has helped with walking, driving , coping, etc. Tried the Epley-Omniax chair for my vertigo. It made me extremely nauseous while I was upside down in the chair, and I have been this way now for 3 months. In the first 12 days ,I lost 3 1/2 lbs. Now, I’ve lost 7 lbs. I have seen about 17 Drs. in all these years. Today, a Dr. said it might be MAV. Anyone else have nausea that won’t go away? I’m down to 96 lbs. not good.

Hi there, I am a Mav sufferer and I too (before I was diagnosed) was really bad with nausea. Too the point where my husband couldn’t sit next to me on the sofa as any little movement made me feel sick. I was put on a number of meds, even one that they give to cancer patients who feel sick with chemo.

Have you been offered any meds for your Mav? I was told by my specialist to stop taking all of my nausea meds ASAP so that my body could normalize itself.

Hope this passes quickly for you! X

Hi, Yes, they gave me the nausea patch which made me really drunk -like with double vision. Then they gave me Zofran, the one for chemo , it didn’t work either. Dr. wants an MRI to see why.

So, I go on each day, eating a protein waffle in the morning, unable to eat the whole thing, don’t eat all day until, 6 pm . I eat about 2/3 or 1/2 of what i usually eat for dinner. THAT"s IT !

Hense, the rapid weight loss. Dr. wants an MRI to see if I had a mini stroke that is leaving me severely nauseous.

You poor thing! So what was the outcome of the diagnosis of the Mav? They tried pinning labrythitis and bbpv onto me as well, but it never sat well with me.

As soon as I got the Mav diagnosis and they set me up on meds my nausea went away! I really hope you get some answers sooner rather than later! X

The Vestibular dr. doesn’t think it is BPPV anymore, because of the sudden onset of severe nausea. An MRI in the next week or two. VERY frustrating.
And trying to eat Pure Protein Bars for lunch. ha… I eat about 2 inches of it and I am sooo full and nauseous…

I am feeling exactly as you described for the past week. Severely nauseated, especially in evening. This is a new symptom for me. At 43 kg, I am also really worried about weight loss. Not eating is making everything so much worse. Am going to have VFT’s and EChog test in 2 weeks to rule out (hopefully) Menieres.

I am feeling for you. Enough of the computer…stomach churning again…oh no!!

I hope we both find out the answers soon.

Have you been tested for Menieres Disease? My Neuro thinks I might have both MAV and Menieres after picking up some abnormalities in left ear from previous Vestibular function test.